Project:365 | Recap

Well I made it through March. I did miss a few days this month due to me being sick as a DAWG!! But here it is. If your curious about a picture, like why on Earth would I be taking a picture of my folded laundry, just leave me a comment about which one and I'll give ya an explanation!
Here is the link to My Photostream at Flickr


Kim Marx said...

what are the kids building in the backyard? And the quilt will look great.

Janae said...

Very fun recap. I love the layout, or template? Is it a template? Also, I am wondering about all the strange stuffed animals tucked into the bed?? Was that something a little one did?

Kristin said...

Kim - The boys are build a fort, with a staple gun of all things!! HAHA!!
Janae I use a plug-in for photoshop called the moirai compositor, i pick the pictures and it givies me different layouts to choose from, and the stuffed things in the bed are the Yo Gabba Gabba characters Bonnie tucked them into my bed!!

Pam said...

you are so good. i want to be just like you when i grow up...seriously!