10 on Tuesday

1. I may have a hard time coming up with 10 but I'll give it my best shot! There 1 down.

2. Bonnie told me on Thursday last week that she didn't like her boy bed and she needed a new girl bed. We haven't changed the bedding since the bed was Colby's. I found some really cute bedding for Grandie to get for Bonnie for her birthday (yes I know her birthday was in October but I just now got around to telling my mom what she wanted for her present.) at Target, my favorite store. Pretty cute huh?
04.18.10 N is for New Bed

3. Brett's best friend and his family are moving to Montana. I am seriously now stressing about this summer and keeping my kids entertained.

4. I got to take My nephew CJ's pictures for prom. I can't believe that kid is old enough to go to prom. I used to change this kids diapers!


5. I really want and Ipad. My husband says I'll have to "secret" it because we can't afford it right now. So I'm putting this out in the universe hoping that the engery I'm giving to it will get me that Ipad!!

6. I'm getting super jazzed about the Flash Workshop that miss Wendy is coming to teach. I have volunteered my house for the base camp of the weekend! There are a few other photogs coming too and we will all stay at my house. It should be a super fun weekend and I hope to learn tons!!

7. I have an idea for the niche at the top of my stairs that has remained empty for the last 21 months. This is the jumping off point but mine will be quite different looking.

8. If you clicked on the link in #7 you will have been to one of my favorite and inspirational blogs that I read. Shawni is and amazing mother and has the happiest most smiling children which is I'm sure due to her awesome mothering. I hope to be more like her! If you have kids you should read her blog too!

9. We are planning a trip to Ireland for Terry's 40th birthday, I know it's still 4 years away but we need to start saving now. Why wait until he's 40? Terry turned 20 when he lived there on his mission, he Turned 30 there when we visited for the 2nd time and he wants to turn 40 there! It's open invite so start your Ireland bank and save for penny's so you can come with us!!

10. Wow! would you look at that, I made it all the way to 10 (even if I cheated a little!!)

I hope you all have a good night, sleep well and wake up refreshed!!


Angie said...

Love the bedding...so do my girls. They picked it for their room just a couple of months ago. Too cute! I also love Shawni's blog. It is a good one! I think I have read every one of her parent's books. They are such a awesome family! Good luck on the IPad. I am practicing the secret for a new car...hopefully it works for both of us :)

Janae said...

Great post! I love the new bedding and the prom pictures:)
Also, I clicked on the link and was totally taken in by that blog. I had never heard of that disease. What an amazing mom:)

Sommer said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that niche idea...hmmm, might be stealing that idea.

Andrew and Heidi said...

I should start doing a list of ten - it seems much less stressful to blog about what's on your mind rather than a specific event!!

Great photos of princess Bonnie! We need to go shooting sometime so you can teach me some stuff!!

karibates said...

Yay for flash class! I am so excited!