2011:A year in Review

Well, I made it through a rough one. This year has brought some highs and some lows. Lets take a minute to remember both...

January -
Started working out with Jillian Michaels and lost 6 lbs.
Decided to move to Logandale into a travel trailer...gained 6+ lbs.

February -
Went to WPPI and had a wonderful time
Realized the I probably won't be able to do much business growth in Logandale

March -
Sold 90% of our possessions.
Got rid of most of our bills.
Moved into a trailer at the in-laws
Kids started at new school, made lots of friends
Girls texting my boy...not cool!

April -
Sam makes cheer squad
Cheer practice is at 6am.
The fair was here!
The weather was awful

May -
Took a VERY quick get away to California with my sweetheart
Stayed in the skankiest motel ever!

June -
The kids got out of school for summer.
The kids got out of school for summer

July -
Headed to Oregon for 3 weeks
Terry had to stay home to work

August -
Had an amazing girls trip to Seattle
Came home with a limp that lasted for 3 months and a few weeks on crutches
The kids went back to school
The kids went back to school

September -
Created and started executing "responsibility" charts
Gave up on raising "responsible" children

October -
Awesome family trip to California

November -
Trip to Oregon for Thanksgiving
Terry was broken back for a month after the drive!

December -
Enjoyable Christmas
Not so enjoyable Holiday break from school because kids were on restriction due to poor grades.

So with the good comes the bad. Not that I have any doubt that my kids will remember the bad (because seriously, there's LOADS of that) but I think it helps give balance! I try to keep it real here on the ol blog and as you can tell my my blogging frequency lately, I am in a not so great place right now. I'm trying to look at the positive side of things and getting back to doing what I love most. I am hoping that the new year will bring a renewed excitement and attitude for life.

Oh goodness I sound depressed!

I'm workin on that!

I hope you remember to document your year...the good and the bad because they both make us who we are.


I spent a week in Oregon and took like 5 pictures. This is the only one I would care to share. we had a great time!


Veterans Day Parade

I am so far behind on blogging, I just now uploaded my photos from November and December so I will try to post regularly to get caught up!



California Adventure Part 3 | Beach

I almost forgot about our quick stop at the beach. The kids had so much fun during our quick stop at the beach on Saturday so we decided to make a quick stop before we headed home. We had the most delicious doughnuts on the foggy beautiful morning at the beach.





California Adventure Part 2 | Long Beach Aquarium

We started the day Saturday at an early 5:30 in the morning. The time before the sun was spent curling hair and ironing clothes. We headed up to El Segundo to have our family pictures taken on the beach by THE amazing Amy Shertzer. It was difficult as alway to be on the other side of the camera but Amy was great and if you are looking for a photographer in Southern California you should definitely look her up! You can see the rest of the session on her blog here.


After we finished with our session we grabbed some breakfast and headed over to the Long Beach Aquarium. We've been to the aquarium probably 6 or 7 times over the years and it's fun every time. The kids love the Lorikeet exhibit, but man they have jacked up the cost of the nectar for the birds. It is still very fun to have the opportunity to feed the birds.

The aquariums are awesome, the marine life is so colorful and amazing!!


After the aquarium we headed back to the hotel and left the kids for a bit to have some alone time at dinner, just us grown ups. It was nice and relaxing not to be wrangling kids for the first time all weekend! We headed home the next morning. It was a fabulous trip and I hope we made some memories that will last a lifetime!