Ten on Tuesday

1. I know it's been F.O.R.E.V.E.R. since I have done a TonT, this oughtta be fun!!

2. Life in Logandale is good, but I'm getting really fat.

3. I kinda like living in a trailer KINDA, my only complaints are as follows...

-No where for dirty laundry to go.
-I have to put all my kids to bed at the same time, then they stay up talking making me want to flip out and scream and yell.
-The microwave SUCKS in here, it overheats everything on one side and leaves little cool spots.

4. I am really trying to be more grateful and believe by doing so I will be blessed so since #3 was all about the things I can't stand about the trailer here are 3 things I like about it.

-It's cozy, I really enjoy quiet afternoons reading on my little tiny couch while Bonnie naps.
-It's really easy to clean, deep clean takes less than 2 hours DEEP CLEAN!!
-I am forced to stay on top of my laundry...(see first bullet point on #3)

5. Spring break was quite possibly the most boring spring break in the history of spring break. Brett was on restriction for bad grades, Sam spent the first 3 days doing her 12 missing assignments. Colby did manage some excitement when he decided to ride his bike with no shoes and ripped half of the skin off his toe. We even went into town to go to Flipin' Out only to have the kids want to leave because they were so bored! Oh well, there's always next year right?!?

6. We got new swimsuits (and by we I mean the kids, you will not be seeing my fat butt in a suit any time soon!)


7. Colby and Samantha ate an entire extra large box of goldfish, in one sitting, EEW!

8. A while back my cousin Melanie talked about what they have used for scripture study and we have on and off but are newly committed to reading as a family. We are using the same study guide by School of Abraham, you can see the Book of Mormon one we are doing HERE.

9. I managed to get through he whole day of Easter Sunday without taking one picture...NOT ONE! But i did manage to snap a few of Bonnie at a little egg hunt some of the girls from church had at the park a week or so before the actual holiday.


10. And if you were wondering that cute little bunny easter basket was an amazing creation by the one and only Miss Heather, I really think she should move to Logandale so Bonnie can have her as a preschool teacher next year (and the year after that too.)


Happy Monday

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Clark County Fair 2011

We have come out to Logandale to the fair a few times since the family moved out here and we knew it was kind of a big deal for the locals here, I had no idea just HOW big a deal it was. Like pull your kids out of school and of you don't you are on the teachers naughty list big deal. So with excused absences we packed up and headed to the county fair. The wind started to blow right away but we would not be deterred. We started off with pony rides for the girls. I couldn't get a decent shot for the life of me, that seemed to be a running problem for the whole day so please don't judge by the following crappy photos!!

The Camel rides LOOKED like they would be fun but it was the biggest waste of money I spent the whole weekend! It cost $12 for my kids to get on the dang thing only to be walked in a small circle and the dismounted. I got 1 shot then the lady came up to me and wanted me to sign my credit card receipt so I got no other photos. The people running it were rude and ornery and I told anyone who I saw contemplating the camel ride NOT to waste their money. Hopefully I cost them some money!!

We headed over to the fine arts exhibits to see 3 ginormous ribbons on a quilt made by my sweet and very talented mother in law. She won all the top prizes. Best of Show, Best of Class and Champion. I am so proud of her and she worked so very hard on that quilt, it really was a labor of love for her! Can you see the smile on her face, it was so fun to see the elation exploding out of her!


The theme for the whole fine arts exhibits was Somewhere Over the Rainbow and let me tell you it was so dang cute in there!! I wish I had had my flash with me so i could get some more pictures because it was just too dark and my camera would work with no available light!


I think the favorite thing was the small animal exhibits. The chickens rabbits and lets not forget the baby pigs, I think we spent an hour over with the mama and her piglets collectively over the whole weekend. I have to say those babies were pretty cute!

After we saw all the animal exhibits the wind really started to pick up so we stopped in to the big tent to catch the last half of the Allycats doo-wop musical groups show. It was so fun, the kids loved it enough to sit through it again on Saturday! We even went home with a couple CD's and have had fun be bopping to some classics while the kids get ready for school in the mornings!


Friday of the fair I was working in a booth selling tickets and so I just let the 3 older kids loose with their friends to do the carnival. They didn't mind that is was freezing!! Saturday was crazy weather as well, it went from hurricane wind and rain to snow and back to wind, only to come to a complete calm for rodeo Saturday night! Saturday afternoon Colby got to participate in the mutton bustin. I missed it because Bonnie fell asleep but thanks to my big brother Mitch we got some funs shots of the action.


He was pretty excited before hand with no experience he didn't even seem to care!! I tell ya the confidence in these kids is inspiring!! As you can see from the pics below that his ride didn't las very long but he didn't even care that he only lasted about a second and a half!! He got $5 prize money and that bought him a toy gun and he was a happy as can be!! I wish I could have been there to see it!

ll in all the a good time was had at the fair, lets hope next year the weather is a bit more cooperative!


Spring Sing

The first day of school Colby brought home an invitation to the First Grade Spring Sing. It was by far one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I wish I had had my video camera so you could see this little 6 and 7 year olds sings their little hearts out. Colby had only a week to learn like 10 new songs but that is nothing to the boy whose favorite part of church is singing the hymns!
He was right up front and center and sang with such fervor that my heart melted! Each class had a song where they did a dance or some sort of activity but all of the whole first grade sang along with each class. I was really impressed with the music teachers ability to teach all those songs to that many kids! It was really fun and if it is a sign of things to come at this school, I think I'm gonna like it here!


Spit Fire

There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead,
When she was good,
She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad she was horrid.
-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This little thing keeps me on my toes and has me in stitches laughing all day long! Shoes have become completely optional, and dinner is never what I cook, usually it is a bowl of cereal at 8:00, before bed, or a banana. Hair must be totally done with curls and bows or not even touched by a brush. She is so full of sugar but not to be out done by the spice!! I'm sure glad we ended on such a fun one!!



The year was 1991, I was 13 years old and dreamed of standing in front of all the world in my cute little skirt and pom poms cheering my team on to victory. Popularity would ensue and life would be wonderful. A week of what I saw as hard work learning cheers and dances and trying my hardest to stretch muscles in a way that surely god had not intended! It would be perfect and I would be happy. The days came and went, flying by in a fog of sore vocal chords and the scent of Ben Gay (I told you I tried everything to get those muscles to stretch) and Friday was suddenly at my door. I couldn't eat and the butterflies were sure to make an appearance if it wasn't over soon. I hadn't learned the dance all the way, I couldn't get those splits all the way and the nerves were sure to make me faint! Then in a blur it was over. The list was posted void of the only name I looked for. I said I didn't care but the sadness was overwhelming!! I would never be a cheerleader. The dream had been crushed. Fast forward 20 years. A text from a niece that cheer tryouts would be this week. No formal training had been done, a few years of clog dancing but a cartwheel was a totally foreign thing to a little girl who shared a dream parallel to her mothers. The anguish I had as I watched my little girl try her hardest to keep up with the moves and tumble around on mats doing things she had never done before. My heart sank as I saw the dream as totally unachievable. With the help of a cousin moves were taught and techniques learned. The improvement was astounding with each hour! I saw a glimmer of light! Then the next day came and the dream seemed to be back to impossible as it just didn't seem important for her to learn the dance moves or cheers, she just wanted to hang with her friend. I said to myself, whatever I don't care, I'll just be there for her when she can't find her name on the list. The following day I dropped her off with a prayer that I wouldn't have to console all night and that she would bounce back as she usually does with her resilient little self!! Those dang butterflies were back but not for me this time but for my little girl! I had a hard time eating and I couldn't think of anything else for the 3 hours she was at the school. As I pulled up to the school I opened the door to hear screaming by a very large group of girls. I couldn't see my little girl but then the crowd of bigger girls parted all patting my little one on the back and the largest dimples I had ever seen came shining through! My heart leapt for her and for me, knowing that this is one dream I wouldn't have to pick up the broken pieces of. I know there will be other shattered dreams, because those are the places in life where we learn and grow the most, but today was not the day for her...or me!! I'm so proud of her and excited for what the next year will bring!!


Ladies Man

I'm just going to pretend like I never stopped blogging....it that ok? GREAT!! Here we go!

Hey Brett, how do you like it out there in Logandale??

We officially moved on the 19th. The kids started school on the 22. Brett was terrified and adamant that we homeschool him for the rest of the year. I held strong and registered him at the middle school with 7 all new classes and him knowing not one soul at the school. I cried for him as I dropped him of that morning hoping and praying that he would be ok and not hate his new school or have a hard time making friends. At 11:45 the following conversation via text occurred:

Brett: "Mom, I have a lot of friends"
Mom: "See I told you, I knew you would like it here"
Brett : "Yeah I have like 7 girls numbers"
Mom: "WHAT???"
Brett: " I'm not kidding"
Mom: " Well tell them to back off your too young"

The following 2 weeks he texted more on his phone with girls than he has texted in the previous 2 years of having the cell phone. He has been dubbed "Ladies Man" by the girls here, despite the fact that he won't let me near him with a comb, let alone a pair of scissors!!


Seeing Light at the End of the Tunnel

Do you know how hard it is to blog when you haven't blogged in almost a month? Inspiration strikes all the time (especially in the shower) so I decided to start a "to blog" list on my phone. I currently have a list like 5 posts long however I have no idea what they are about!!
**Note to self, when making a list of blog posts be more specific than "shift" or "skinny"
So here I sit, on a Friday night, Nacho Libre running in the background, a trailer full of stinky boys and a brian bursting at the seams of fragmented ideas and randomness. Do any of you find it wrong or disturbing that I can quote that whole movie?
We are getting settled in here out in Logandale and I am actually in the process of writing a complete update with all the details including the fact that I now have a cheerleader in my home. (how I produced one of those is beyond me, but more on that later) I just busted out my camera for the first time in weeks and boy how I have missed her...not to mention that the light out here seems to be magicial! Now if only I could get my card reader to work so I can show some here! Things should be calming down around here so I can make some more time to blog so I hope you haven't all deserted me! Since I have no photos of my own to show you i will leave you with the link to my new all time favorite website. Pinterest is my new addiction and where I have spent most of my online time lately! So goodnight for now and stay tuned!