10 on tuesday photo style

1. Having renters sucks

04.05.10 D is for Destroyed

2. My mother in law ROCKS. She helped my vision come to light. I give you my awesome camera strap with memory card pockets...
04.03.10 New Strap

3. Conference was amazing, as always. How could it not be when you get to listen to the prophet in your jammies!
04.04.10 C is for Crocheting and Conference

4. Look what I found on the counter when I came down stairs after I had been cutting hair and went to take a bath to get all the hair off of me. *note to self never leave your scissors where a 2 year old can reach them.

04.01.10 Haircut

5. Her new haircut is pretty cute though. Not the one she did but the one I did to cover the bald spot in the back.
04.02.10 Friday Faces | New Do

6. Colby had conjunctivitis and a sinus infection over spring break. nothing like a visit to ol' Doctor Rob on spring break...good times!
03.31.10 Conjunctivitis and Sinus Infection

7. I apparently have no shame.
03.30.10 SPT

8. Easter was fun but I will do a blog post about that tomorrow.

9. Jenny FINALLY posted some pictures and one of them just happened to be me at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.
066/365 the native

10. Jenny also thought it would be funny to post a picture of my make-up case on flickr because she thinks I am stuck in the 80's. I am not I just can't find a make-up case that will hold all of my stuff that isn't a tackle box. So what if it's glitter and hot pink. And again because I have no shame I will share it here on the blog.
068/365 hand over the razzles

Good Night and please don't think to poorly of me kthanksbye!


Darci Buhl said...

I love the pictures on your blog! So cute. And jam & bread party? Um, yes please.
Except I have to wait a few weeks before we do it...you can thank this lovely diet that i'm on for that. But as soon as I'm done, lets do it!

Melanie said...

I love this week's pictures! I really want to know what happened to that floor. That's awful!!

Brooke said...

LOL, loved this.. and is that a caboodle? Please say it is!!

Katie Morgan said...

Where do you guys have houses that you rent??? It's almost that time for Parker's pictures again. I'm trying to convince Neil that it's time to get family pictures done too. He says he wants to wait until the Fall. What do you suggest?? But I definitely need to get Parker's b-day pictures done. He turns 3 next month...CRAZY!

Kirsten said...

I can't believe your wood floor! That stinks! Love that camera strap. Sooooo cute :)