10 on Tuesday

1. I did a wedding on Saturday with non other than the amazing Brooke Ashley Photography. I had so much fun hanging with her all day. She was so much fun to shoot with and quite possibly one of the nicest people I have ever met! Isn't she cute with her tiny baby bump!!

2. Is it wrong that I scheduled people to come to my house just to give me motivation to clean?

3. I did a newborn shoot with Lesli and Heather on Friday. It was so much fun. Heather grabbed this behind the scenes shot. Baby Anna was amazing and I got some amazing shots, I will be blogging it later this week.

4. I think I will be happy and sad when the last of the Easter candy that I have been hoarding is gone! Maybe I will get back on my treadmill when it's gone!

5. My boy is playing songs out of the real church hymn book. I am thoroughly impressed.

6. Bonnie is either naked or in one of her dress up dresses 98% of the time. I would have taken issue with this with my other kids but she is my last and I am a) to lazy to get her dressed and b) think tiny panties on tiny bums is the cutest thing ever, I just wanna pinch 'em!

7. I use a lot of exclamation points in my typing. It's an illness!!!!

8. Brett knows a freakishly large amount of things about the Titanic.

9. Breakfast with my mom and sister is the best.
04.08.10 E is for Eating coffee cake at the cracked EGG

10. I hate laundry with a passion. The End


Brooke said...

Ah hahaha! Thanks for the disclaimer Kristin ;) I can't get over how great you were to shoot with! Thank you again and again!!! You're the bomb! Can I say that in 2010? Loved how your newborns turned out too!

Becca said...

beautiful pictures! :-) I love that last one . . . and I too hate laundry with a passion. Seriously hate it.