Random Bits of Summer Goodness

As I was preparing for this post I came up with numerous titles. Let me start by prefacing that I blog because I don't seem to have time to scrapbook and eventually all of my blogs are put into a blurb book at the end of each year to chronicle our life with [4] conk kids!
Alternate title #1 "CAUTION---PHOTO OVERLOAD"
Alternate #2 "Bonus Features"
Like on a DVD, the added material that only true enthusiasts will find interesting with more information than anyone can find interesting other than the maker of said "bonus material" and not good enough to MAKE IT into the original movie!
Alternate #3 "I have the cutest kids in the world"
Alternate #4 "I have 4000 pictures from this summer and have no where to put them!"
So there you have it, my explanation of the post in 4 alternative titles! So buckle up because you are about to embark on a VERY LONG blog post with and gross overabundance of pictures. If you are not a "true enthusiast" you may want to came back on another day when you wont have to scroll through 35 pictures of my family, I'M NOT KIDDING 35 PICTURES!
(If you happen to notice there is a lot of pictures of Bonnie it's because she will finally smile for the camera and not run and lick my lens so i have taken advantage of capturing her like never before!!

Picture #1 --The Bonster glowing in the beautiful sunset light after a fun day of swimming at Grandmas in the fabulous summer heat----I know you don't think the heat is that fabulous but you may be looking for it next February and wishing for a bit of that fading summer sun!

Picture #2 -- Colby In Oregon. Colby learned to ride a bike taught by his big brother, what a great big brother (he taught Sam too) I didn't get of picture of him on his bike but here is on 2 other kind of wheels.

Picture #3-- Bonnie --I just love those skinny little legs poking out the bottom of that swi-soot!

Picture #4 The swings were a huge hit this summer in Oregon

#5 Quite possibly I have the goofiest 11 year old there ever WAS!! (and I love you can see the ever present sunburn Brett had this summer, he was under the impression a "tan" makes you look tough, what he doesn't realize is that a sunburn does the opposite.

#6 Bubbles and Sammy JO, I love how her nose is wrinkled up, it reminds me she's just a little kid, sometime I forget that and I expect too much of her. I'm going to work on that!

#7 Kids and Cam, the kids love that dang dog, so i will put up with him even though he makes me sneeze and my eyes water!

#8 Bonnie eating CHIP!! This was the dinner she ordered pizza, all by herself (she's not even 2 people!)

#9 I am putting this picture in because of Colby's "spikeys" he loves his hair done in spikeys, it take time due to a cowlick so it doesn't happen very often.

#10 or was it 11, O CRAP, I'm loosing count already, I better stop counting
Just me "by the river"

OK, I know not all of you will appreciate this but It needs to be documented so that he will stop telling me he needs to "cut back" come on already babe, your waisting away! And check out the manly wound on his leg from his high adventure scout camp!

My boy, 3 days before starting middle school, scared and in desperate need of a haircut! I love how you can see Sam in the background trying to ruin the picture, than heaven for shallow depth of field!

Colby and Nathan at Tuachan, Silly boys!

It has become the summer of "funny faces" for this little girl.

These are definately not the best pictures but I love what they capture, Colby trying to love in his baby sister and her pushing him away. Her favorite word is GOWAY right now, She won't be held by any one unless she want to!

My little beach bum! Bonnie loved the beach and being in her swi-soot! Terry took this picture and I love his eye for composition!

I can just smell the sunscreen when I look at this one.

Colby came out to the loft on day and said "Hey mom, do I look like a Army dude? Will you take my picture"

This baby has become the mother of all Mama's girls!

I love red, I love polkadots, I LOVE THIS GIRL!

Grandma has been crocheting like crazy this summer. She made this orange hat for Sam because she knows it's Sam's favorite color.

This picture makes me giggle because to the naked eye you think, here's Terry laughing and having a good time, but I know the truth, It's Terry saying through his teeth, "please don't take my picture

We ate LOTS of Dairy Queen this summer! Yummy dairy goodness!!

Somebody had a birthday this month!

Little things about these pictures is why I am document them, Like the fact that Bonnie's shoes are completely undone, she won't keep her shoes on and if they are they are unbuckled, she is such an independent child.

The river in the early morning light!

This is my favorite picture to close the summer, I loved how great these two got along this summer, they played together and had fun all summer long! It was out of the ordinary but I hope not forever. Someday I hope they will be as good of friend as they were this summer!


First day and all that jazz

As many of you all have experienced over the last few weeks, we have had the pleasure of returning "Back to School" today. It was a bit different this year with Brett heading off to middle school this year. He has been dreading this day for Oh about a year now. I think it was actually the first day of school last year that he said, I DO NOT want to go to middle school next year. His anxieties were heightened when the "Scholastic News" did and issue focusing on bullies in 6th grade. He has been begging me for the past 7 or 8 months to home school him for this year. All of his fears and worries were set to rest today and he now knows that there is nothing to fear in 6th grade. He does think it's a bit confusing but that will pass in time. I am proud of him for not totally freaking out and making hard on me.
The first thing Brett said to me after I picked him up from school was "Mom, I'm going to get straight A's this year" to which he then added -"what would you get me?"
The best thing about today- Lockers and cute girls
(seriously? cute girls, DUDE your 11)
Samantha was a bit concerned about her teacher this year as well, she had heard that she was mean (strict = mean) I assured her she would be fabulous and I was right.
The first thing Sam said to me when I picked her up after school was "I LOVE MY TEACHER"
See, Mom's are always right!
The best thing about today - Recess

Our "baby" boy entered the public school system to which he lined up promptly to begin the next 13 years of his indoctrination. He was excited, much more than I was. I will miss my sweet boy coming up to me periodically through the day just to say I love you mom! It is only for 2 and 1/2 hours, so at least we still have our afternoons. Bonnie was lost without him this morning she just kept finding me this morning and saying with her hands up and a shoulder shrug "Co-by" She was soo happy when we picked him up and she said to him when we got in the car "missed you Co-by" (she did tell all the kids that today!)

When asked how was your first day Colby said "Good" with the least amount of excitement he could muster up! He then said "I missed you today mom"
That's ma'boy, I wouldn't say he's a mama's boy (but he is) While I was cutting his hair Sunday night I said to him "How 'bout you stay home from school this year and we will just tell people you are 4 years old and not ready for school yet?" He said "OK, if you want me to mom" How awesome is that, how many kids would be willing to pretend they are a year younger than they are just to make their mom happy!
The best thing about today- snacks
Well another year and more milestones for us. After dessert at Dairy Queen it was decided that all in all, it was a good First day!


WHen did this happen?

When did my baby girl turn into a KID?
When did my baby girl decide that she can order Pizza at Chili's?
When did my baby girl get big enough to scream "YEAH PIZZA" when her pizza comes?
When did my baby girl get big enough to want panties on?
When did my baby girl decide she was old enough to call "Grannie"? (grandie)
When did my baby girl get big enough to put ME down for a nap, close my door and say "nigh night mom?"
When did my baby girl get big enough to unbuckle herself out of her carseat?
When did my baby girl get big enough to have her own opinion on EVERYTHING?

I think it was when she got bangs!


One thing after another

This weekend began with a loading of the toyhauler for a weekend in San Diego. One thing after another went wrong. It all started Wednesday afternnon when Terry noticed one of the tires on the toy hauler was blown out...What the? Just sitting there on the side of the house a tire blew. Terry replaced the tire and bought an extra spare just in case. Well it was a good thing he bought that extra tire because before we even hit stateline another tire blew, then a third about 40 miles out of Barstow. Luckily we mad it to Barstow where we pulled in to the local Wal-Mart and waited for 3 hours for them to replace all the tires. So when you take the 5 hour drive, add a 3 hour stop in Barstow, an hour stuck in traffic, and another hour in changing tires you then have a 10 hour drive that should have been 5.
The whole purpose in taking this trip was so Terry and his sister Michelle could go to the Depeche Mode concert in San Diego. We hung out all day at the trailer park, swimming and riding bikes. Terry and Michelle got all dressed and ready for the concert, they were so excited. They got to the concert hall only to find the concert was cancelled. TOTAL BUMMER.
Terry had also planned a scuba dive for he and Mike to Coronodo Island. They got up at the crack of dawn to head out. They waited around until the guy showed up only to be told that the the dive to Coronodo was cancelled. AGAIN TOTAL BUMMER.
It was just one thing after another this trip and all of the initial plans made for the trip went bad. We did still manage to have a good time.

Blowing Bubbles And Chillin on the Beach!!!

A little Monday Pick-Me-Up

Just a little something to brighten your Monday.

Stay tuned for another post of our trip to San Diego this last weekend!



What do you do on a regular ordinary plain ol Thurdsay?


Kirsta... All Growed UP

I can't believe that little Kirsta, the baby I babysat from the time I was 13 or so is all grown up. She just finished her freshman year at BYU. This summer she packed up and moved to St. George so she could play one of the Sharpettes in High School Musical 2. She did a FABULOUS job and stole the show with her FABULOUSITY (it's a word, i promise) We had fun watching this great girl dance, prance and strut across the stage. We love and are so proud of you Kirsta!