So If you have checked my blog lately you will have noticed that I am a really lame blogger. I had big intentions for this blog, I was going to update with pictures at least twice a month well as you can see since my last post was Halloween I'm having a little trouble adjusting to life with 4 kids and dealing with the holidays. Well, It's New Years Eve and I finally have some tome to update this THANG!!

First off - The Conk Family just got back from a funfilled weekend in San Diego. Here are some pictures from Legoland and The San Diego Space and Aeronautical Museum.

Next - we had a Wonderful Christmas this year which was kicked off by our 1st Annual "Zobrist Cousin's Christmas Camp" We had a great time will all 20 of the Gerry & Jody Zobrist Grandkids. We had matching t-shirts with each kids name on the back of his or her shirt, we decorated ornaments for a tree for Granpa Zobrist since he couldn't be home for Christmas. We also played Christmas music with the chimes and decorated gingerbread houses! Tons of fun. Thanks to all you girls who helped pull this off!

Christmas Eve was spent out in Logandale (not to many pics due to a fussy baby) But I did manage to get a picture of the Fandago puppets that the kids made and used to act out "Twas the Night Before Christmas" Narrated and personalized by Amy!! I have to say we were all a little skeptical about this but it turned out great and will be sure to become a new Conk family tradition!!

Christmas morning Terry and I had to wake our kids up at 7:00 am (who ever heard of having to wake thier kids up on Christmas?!?) But once they were awake they hade a blast!!

Brett's Favorite Present - Legos (BIG surprise)
Sam's Favorite Present - Horse Stable and Horses (another BIG surprise)
Colby's Favorite Present - Transformers
Terry's Favorite Present - New Octive Mandolin
Kristin's Favorite Present - Cozy New Robe and Coach Diaper Bag

After our morning festivities we got ready and went down to my mom and dad's where we ate and opened presents. The kids are gitting bigger and the presents smaller and more expensive!! 5 of the kids got Disney Mix Max video mp3 players. Very fun gifts!!Chuck and I had a Pic-off I wonder whos picture turned out better (his camera is newer and better than mine!!!)

All in all Christmas was a wonderful day!!