When did this happen?

OK, so I blink my eyes and turn around once and all of a sudden my baby has grown up. She is 6 months old already and I just can't believe it. She is a sweet baby and we have just enjoyed her so much but we just can't believe how fast it has gone. When I went to get her out of her crib on Monday she had pulled herself up to the side. Woah, girl!! We just weren't ready for her to do everything as fast as she has. Rolling over at 3 months,2 teeth at 5 months, Crawling and sitting up at 5 1/2 months, and now pulling herself up to standing at 6 months. BIG girl. We wanted her to stay little for longer because she is our last but unfortunately she has a mind of her own! I have been meaning to take her 6 month pictures since Friday (when she turned 6 months) but she has had a runny nose and that doesn't look very cute in pictures.

This is Fun!

I think I like this!! I have started a new blog with all of the layouts I will do digitally in the coming months!! So check it every so often. I will put a link on the sidebar! Thanks for looking.


Let's get Physical!!

Bonnie figured out the jumperoo this weekend. Up until now she just cried every time we put her in it but she hasn't stopped jumpin since she figured it out. She has been giving her legs quite a work out. Here is a video of Bonnie in action, maybe not as good as Katie's girls but funny none the less!


My Very First!

I thought I would try a hand at digital scrapbooking since I am always at my computer and very rarely scrapbook anymore. What do you think???


Big Red is HOME!!!

And all is right again at the home of the Conk family. Daddy's truck is finally home. There has been an absence of sorts for a few weeks now. For those of you who didn't hear, Terry's truck was stolen on Sunday the 6th of April. We were in San Diego for a fun weekend and when we pulled up to our home we found a big hole where Big Red lives. It has been quite an ordeal but He is finally home and hopefully to stay. We think it was kids who stole it (probably in our neighborhood) because it had a bunch of stuff in it when it was found on the side of the road. Suffice it to say we are extremely happy and hope nothing happens to it ever again. By the way Dad thanks for the loaner car.

Please Mommy No More!!

If he wasn't so stinkin' cute I wouldn't have such a hard time resisting the urge to take his picture. Especially with that dimple. I mean honestly who COULD resist?


Swim Lessons

Desert Strings

Samantha had a violin recital with her group the "Desert Strings" on Saturday. It was really fun for the girls to put on their poodle skirts for the "50's medley."


Best Buddies

When we found out I was pregnant with Colby we were a bit surprised that it was a boy. I had envisioned two little girls a few years apart in age that I could dress alike and that they would be the best of friends. Little did I know that Sam and that little boy would be the best of friends. I figured he and Brett would become buddies but I guess with the large gap in age (almost 6 1/2 yrs) they just couldn't hang out. Brett is too old to play baby games with Colby but Sam has no problem. It tickles me to death when I see Colby value his sisters opinion so greatly. He wants to be just like his big sister. (not in the girlie stuff though, thank heaven, when it comes to guns and sports he's all boy) I don't know where it came from but they call each other "Best Buddy." I often hear Colby calling "best buddy, best buddy where are you?" I hope someday He and Brett will be best buddies but maybe that will come later in life. I also hope Sam's love for Bonnie won't wain and when she becomes too cool for Colby Bonnie will become her "best buddy." She is such a great big sister, to both her younger siblings.


Self Portrait Tuesday

A few blogs I visit have started this self portrait Tuesday and I thought it was a great idea because out of the over 5,000 shots taken on my camera probably only 10 or 15 of them have me in the frame. so here I go kicking off SPT!

Colby thought this was so cool. "the camera goed by itself" It only took us about 20 tries but we finally got one that was in focus. Too bad Colby looks like he's in pain. He's going through that funny smile phase.


Staff Development Day + Bored Kids = Pizza!!

The kids were home today because of a staff development day so we spent the morning cleaning (my usual job on Monday) which went rather quickly thanks to Brett's new favorite pass time, vacuuming. I told the kids after we got the house cleaned and all of their instruments practiced we would go to the movie. Well with that motivation they got the cleaning done in record time which left us with an extra hour and a half until the movie. I was reading on one of the blogs I read about activities to do with kids in the house and there was a recipe for pizza with biscuit dough. It was really easy and we had all of the ingredients so we turned out kitchen into a pizza parlor. It was loads of fun. I got a few ok shot of our creations!!
Rolling out the biscuits

Putting on the sauce


More Cheese!

Ready to bake

(the square one is Brett's, funny kid)


OK, so looking back at these picutes it looks like my kids were really miserable (with the exception of the last one) buit I promise it was fun they were just really serious about getting the pizza making right!!


12 (11) on the 12th

OK, so I started this year with big intentions of getting 12 pictures on the 12th of every month. What the article I read (which featured this idea) neglected to say is how hard it was to come up with 12 original photos in one day. We're just not that interesting. So I was able to combine the 11th and 12th to get 11 so-so pictures. Here goes....

"Sam on top of the world"
at the Father/Daughter overnighter!!
Photography by Terry (photoshoping by Kristin)
I call this
"Mom check it out I can jump, well sort of"

" First Food"

(Oatmeal and Bananas)

"Lovely Lashes"

"Speed Stacker"
"Speed Stacker #2"
" Speed Stackers #1 & #2"

"Red Rider"

And Last but certainly not least... I call this one


I think I'll print this one up for her first date!! Poster size ought to do it don't ya think!


I did this little project for the girls room with their names and I told Mom I would put them on my blog so she could see so here it is for all to see. It was a fun easy and cheap project. I found the canvases at JoAnn's for $1 each. I just painted them and did vinyl on my Cricut. I hope you can see how cute it turned out!!

On the Move

I got some action shots of Bonnie on the move today. She seems to be going for the Mogli crawl instead of the traditional hands and knees. She is such happy baby as long as she has room to MOVE!! (And she cut another tooth today)


Crawling and a Tooth!!

All in one day. Bonnie is getting so big so fast. With her being my last baby I was hoping she wouldn't do everyting as fast as her older siblings. No luck. The last few days she has been gettig up on her hands and knees and rocking but today she seems to have the launching thing down. As for the tooth, I knew she was teething but thought we were at least a month away from from actually cutting but when she grabbed my hand to chew on it this afternooon i felt it. I feel like crying, I went through the same thing when Sam cut her first tooth out of no where. We sure love our BIG girl!


I Love Mondays!

Who says that really? I do though, Monday is when my life goes back to being quiet and at the pace I love!! And I get my sweet Colby all to my self. The kids are gone and so is the wild and crazy Colby. The sweet, thoughtful, quiet and lovey Colby is back! This morning I was taking a bath when Colby came in and said "This is for you Mom." He then showed me his new Nintendo DS he got for and early birthday present where he had typed this.....

Man I Love Mondays!!


San Diego Again!!!!

Well for any of you who tried to get a hold of us this weekend you probably thought we fell off the face of the earth but we decided at about 4:00 on Wednesday afternoon to pack up and tag along with Brandon & Jamie to San Diego. We had so much fun. Sea World was the best part! It is amazing how God creations are truly miraculous and I so enjoy watching my children discover them!!

(Like father like son!)