She Sings!!

The grandma's will probably be the only ones that will find this entertaining, but I want to put it here for posterity. The BonBon sings! The kids were singing our primary songs the other day and I noticed Bonnie was singing along. It was just the cutest thing ever. I never knew a 7 month old could sing! So I grabbed the video and captured a bit of her musical talents! I guess she came to the right family. Yes, we are a musical family with the exception of myself. I hope you enjoy!


Hayes Ho-Down !

This is Terry blogging here! Kristin is taking care of a sick Samantha and asked if I would post this video.

Today was the Hayes Elementary Talent Show. Samantha asked if I would accompany her on my banjo while she played a fiddle tune. She was sick all day and we were concerned that we wouldn't be able to perform. But Samantha was a real trooper! Even after throwing up 2 minutes before show time she got up and did a great job! She got 3rd place! We are so proud of her.


Happy Birthday to Colby!

Well The Colbster turned 4 yesterday. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said, and I quote "to get 4" and he certainly did. At around 12:00 p.m. He got 4!! The theme of this birthday seems to have been Speed Racer. Almost all of the gifts he got were Speed Racer. We had a really fun day together. Pancakes for breakfast. Samuri Sam's for lunch and the we headed out to Grandma and Papa's to swim in Logandale. We ended up spending the night out there and that just made it a more special night. Colby is really sad his birthday is over. I can't believe that my baby boy is 4 already. People ask me if I have him signed up for preschool for next year and I say "no, I really need to get on that" but (keep this between us) I don't want him to go to school yet. He has been such a joy to have. By far the easiest of my 4 kids and I just want to enjoy him for as long as I can. You will often hear me say if I could have 10 Colby's because he is just so EASY! Self entertaining is an understatement. He loves to shop and lunch with Grandie. He likes me to do puzzles with him but if I'm busy he's happy to do them by himself!! I do love this kid and am sad to see him grow up so fast!

I call this one "NOOOO" because he didn't want birthday pictures.



I was reading one of my favorite blogs (tara whitney) and she has started the OPAM. One project a month. I love this idea to get my self motivated to do all the projects I have planned. This month I decided to do our family chore chart. I thought it was time to assign the kids a weekly chore to rotate as well as their regular responsibilities.The umbrellas are magnectic and will change every week. It turned out pretty cute and I hope it will be effective in motivating the kids. They will have their allowance pinned up on the chart and if they complete all the chores for the week they will get to take their money off the chart.

Kitty Pancakes!!

The boys had the Father & Sons this Friday night so Samantha got to have a fun sleepover with Farrah. We had a fun night. Dinner at Olive Garden, then movie night and sleeping in a tent in the loft. Lots of giggling! We topped off the sleepover with pancakes. The girls wanted kitty pancakes so I tried my best. They were definitely fun to eat!


Blue Eyes and 2 Teeth!

I've been trying to get a picture of these two teeth for some time now. Usually when her mouth is open her tongue is feeling the new addition to her mouth! I finally got one with a bonus of these beautiful blue eyes. she definitely got her daddy's Big Blues! She sure is a fun baby and getting funner every day. Next thing I want to capture is her laugh on tape. If I get it I will put it up on here so you all can her her infectious giggle.


Family Pics!!

So many of you know because you have heard me stress about it but we had family pictures done last Friday. It all went off without a hitch (except for a little wind but that didn't affect us too much!!) Becky Earl (Terry's cousin) has started her own photography business and she is extremely talented. Here is just a little taste of the pics she took. We didn't go with the traditional family sitting in a studio or at a park. We went downtown to some really fun bright colored walls and just had fun. To get a look at more from our shoot check us out at Becky's Blog!
Thanks to all of the sales people out there who helped put our wardrobe together. It may not look like it but it was quite a daunting task!

12 on the 12th

Ok, so maybe it's only 10 but hey 12 different pictures on the same day, which 75% of that day consisted of cleaning is really hard! I guess I could have set the self timer and ya'll could have seen me rockin' out with my Ipod on!! I think I may change it to 10 on the 10th or maybe even 5 on the 5th!! Well anyway I tried, here goes....

My wonderful Mother's Day gifts.

(By the way thanks Becky and Michelle for the lovely cards!)


Wait a minute aren't you only 6 months old!!


More Homework!! Who doesn't love Judy Blume?

Violin Recital

Sam also received a Superior at her Junior Festival Great job Sis!!

More Violin Shots


Dinner after the recital at Fazoli's


Our next budding musician

Hope you enjoyed!!


Happy Mother's Day!

Just a quick shout out to all you mama's out there. I hope all of you have had a wonderful, uplifting and relaxing day. I have to say my day has just been so pleasant. I started out getting ready for church and was surprised with breakfast, which was just wonderful considering I usually am lucky to get a granola bar on Sunday's. (you know 4 kids to get ready and a sharing time to finalize all with early church makes no time for breakfast.) I was totally prepared for sharing time today with the exception of sharpened pencils (which the kids took care of for me) and so the morning went rather smoothly. Church was just great. The kids sang so beautifully to me with the primary. Sharing time went great. We came home and my wonderful husband gave me his extra half of his Bobby Sandwich (cappriottis) because i ate both halves of mine yesterday! I have been relaxing on the couch all day only to be interrupted with a wonderfully prepared dinner ala Terry!! What a great day!


Brett participated in Junior Festival Saturday and did so well. He recieved a superior rating for his performance. There is only one higher rating and that is superior with honors. Very few kids got that rating, Brett would have gotten honors but he had 2 tiny mess ups. Maybe next year! Good job Brett! We are so proud of you.


I do have 4 children!!

So apparently there has been some debate about that because the eldest of my children have not frequented this blog however I do assure you that I DO have 4 kids and will try to post more pictures of the ones that are as school all day. And yes I do photograph Colby more than any of the others, but it isn't because he is my favorite it is because he is such a willing participant and he IS home during the day!! Just for some proof that Brett isn't just a figment of my imagination here is a video of his piano recital from tonight. He performed excellently without any mistakes! We are so proud of him!