Tap, Tap, Tap....Is this thing on?

Well it has been 14 months, 28 days 3 hours and 27 minutes since my last published post on this here blog. Yes in an order to procrastinate writing this I figured out, down to the minute, how long it has been since my last post. I won't try to catch up for the last almost 15 months, I'm just gonna start right here, with what's going on today!

Terry is working hard at his new job. Yes, you read that right, new job. After almost 17 years in business we closed the doors to Rock N Roll Construction. It was a hard thing to do and we gave it our best effort to keep it going but the economy had other plans. We are woking hard just getting by!

I have been hanging on by my fingernails. I like to think that I bore the trial of living in a travel trailer for 16 months pretty gracefully however, this current trial, I have not borne so gracefully. I don't like not having health insurance and I am not enjoying long hours without my husband. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.  Crossfit has been my saving grace. I love a good sweat out!

Brett is now 16 and driving. Hopefully he will have enough hours to take his driving test before school and early morning seminary start! He is super helpful around the house and working hard on his piano.

Samantha is 14 and gearing up for her first year of high school as a JV cheerleader. She is babysitting like crazy and raking in the cash! She is also reading like a mad woman. I think her book count for this summer is around 8 already!

Colby at 10 years old is seeing if he can gain the world record for most amount of hours spent on the xbox and iPad without brushing teeth, but he's cute so we keep him around.

Bonnie, 6 years old, has spent the majority of the summer at her cousins house and we really don't see much of her. She is reading a lot and enjoys chapter books.

So there you have the cliff's notes version of whats the happs at the Conks!