Yeah CS3!!!!

It's finally here. I have been eagerly waiting by my front door for a week now but it finally came. We took the kids up to Redrock for a quick photo shoot on Saturday and I have been waiting patiently for my new photoshop cs3 to come so that I can edit them!! Here is some of my edits. Any constructructive critisizm that you photogs that read my blog it is definately welcome. I just recently calibrated my monitor and am getting used to it!!


The Secret!

If any of you out there watch Oprah you probably already know "The Secret" well I just found out what it really is. Mom bought the video for all of us kids about 5-6 months ago, well I finally got around to watching it and am getting it figured out. It in layman's terms is basically the law of attraction. It works, I was listening to my ipod (about 430 songs) on shuffle and I kept thinking about this song I wanted to hear and sure enough it was the next song that came on, skeptical I tried it again, and it worked out of 430 or so songs it played 2 in a row that I had on my mind. So I tried it for a 3rd time and it worked. It has worked every time since that day that I have tried to do it. Anyway, on the DVD is talks about sending out into the universe your desires and if you use positive energy it will come to you (ahem, God, Blessings you know) Well I have many desires and am trying to achieve these by putting it out into the universe. As well as being a better mom, having more patience, being a better wife all those non-materialistic things, but I also want to put this out there....

Canon 5D Digital Camera

24-70 mm 2.8 Canon lens

85 mm 1.4 Canon lens

100mm 2.8 Canon lens

I am really getting into taking better pictures and feel these few little items would helm me along with that goal. according to "the secret" I just need to keep focus on these things and the universe will find away to get them to me. So Universe I hope your listening because I really want these. (By the way, in case I have a fairy godmother out there, these can be purchased at http://www.bhphoto.com/)


Pigs & Crabs

Yesterday was Samantha's 8th birthday. Wow yet again I find myself feeling old. I can't believe my little girl is 8 years old already. Her baptism is on March 1st (for those of you who didn't know. Call me for details if you would like to come!) Sam had a great day starting off with pancakes, she requested mickey mouse pancakes but when it started looking more like a pig, I made it become a pig on purpose. Colby's looked more like mickey mouse.

After breakfast she got to open her presents, not too many because she already got her gift from grandie and she got a new violin from us (not a very fun present but very expensive non the less) So she open her gifts from Grandma and Grandma Barney. Clothes and a watch!

Sam did have to go to school but it was all ok because she got to give out cupcakes to her classmates and that was fun, unfortunately my camera got left in the car. She then had dance and had fun when they sang to her. We then finished off the day at Joe's Crab Shack. Sam picked there because she remembered that they do funny stuff to the people who have birthdays. We'll silly for sure, they dressed her up as "Princess Crabby" and they made her fly around the restaraunt while we sang. It was a fun eventful day!

Happy Birthday Terry

Well Terry's birthday came and went and since I didn't get any good pictures I haven't been very motivated to blog about it but I did get this pic

Terry's birthday was somewhat uneventful, I did somewhat (I say somewhat because my wonderful brothers kinda blew the surprise) mange to surprise him with a dinner at Claim Jumper with most of our families. It was fun though.


12 on the 12th

I know it is a bit late. I have been really unmotivated to do this this month for 2 reasons, my Photoshop CS3 trial expired and I just didn't get great pictures on that day!! But here it is anyway.

"A Little Sugar for my Tea"

**There has been a few questions about this picture, Yes it is a real, LARGE, teacup and Bonnie is really inside of it and I bought it at Wal-mart in the Garden section, its a planter pot.**
" A Coo Girl"

"Silly Kids"

"My Photographer"

"Best Cousins"


"People's 2008 Sexiest Man Alive"

"More Coo Girl"

(I know most of my pics from this day are of her but

she's getting so big so fast i need to document it before is gone)

"Birthday Boy"

"Violin Lesson"

"Morning Practice"

"Fabric for Baptism Dress"


Shoulder Devil

I have the most imaginative child on the planet. On the way to Grandie's yesterday Samantha began to tell me about shoulder devils and shoulder angels. We were talking about how satan traps you by saying a little bit won't hurt (deep conversation for a tuesday afternoon) Here is how our conversation went;

Mom: Satan tells us a little bit won't hurt, that is how he gets us to do bad things.

Sam: Like shoulder devils?

Mom: HUH?!?

Sam: You know, like shoulder devils and shoulder angels, I have them don't you?

Mom: (again) HUH?!?

Sam: Like when your friends need help and there all "Help me, help me" and the shoulder devil says "Don't help them, laugh at them" and the shoulder angel says "Help your friends" That is what my shoulder devil and angel say. they are real, in my imagination anyway!!

This is a typical conversation with my sweet little girl. She definately keeps thing interesting!

This is an old picture but one of my favorites!!


Life through the eyes of a 3 year old

We bought Colby a camera for Christmas, well when it came time to wrap the gifts we couldn't find the camera. As I was cleaning out my closet yesterday VIOLA, there was his camera. I am really impressed with his picture taking skills. He has a great sense of composition. Here is a slideshow of just a few of his pics!


A Decade Already!?!

I can't believe that I've been the mom of this amazing kid for 10 years. It seems like only yesterday we were driving around, Brett in his car seat, telling me which pieces of heavy equipment were excavators and which were graders or scrapers. (he was 2 by the way)
The really scary thought is that in 18 short months he will be going to middle school. Grammy says that if you press with your thumb on their forheard it will keep them from growing up, Brett just says it hurts!! (It must work a little bit though because the size 6 underwear i just bought is a bit loose on him! Don't tell him I said that.)

Well Brett might not be getting much BIGger, but he certianly is getting older. His interests have matured from trains and blocks to science and arcitecture (legos) He changed from wanting to be a train engineer to an arcitectual engineer.

We were supposed to have a small party for Brett on Saturday for his birthday, but because of his recent bout of strep throat we had to settle for lunch at Olive Garden (Brett's Pick)

Brett had a great day and thanks to all who brought gifts by, he's been building, transforming, & gaming nonstop for 2 days now!!