Can I Hear a WOOT WOOT!

Yesterday I had the best birthdy a mother of 4 could ask for in so many ways. Except for the fact that I am now IN my 30's, when I was just 30 I was JUST 30 Now I'm IN my 30's, so when people say how old is she they will say oh in her 30's........OUCH!! Well here is the top 4 of my day...

1. 1st day of school, meaning I got to have a quiet house for my birthday.

2. I got to send my kids away so that I was able to miss them while they were gone and love to see them when they got home.

3. Dinner at my mostest favoritest restaraunt Geisha Steak House, with the kids. It's a fun place to eat but especially with kids, mostly 4 year olds, if you have a 4 year old I recommend taking them to geisha steak house, they probably wont eat anything but they are entertainment all in of themselves.

That's right I finally got my new 5D that I have been coveting for a year!! Oh and she is so beautiful. I actually cried. Terry said it was 12 months same a cash so thats practially free...right???
Well I totally don't know what I'm doing and I am finding out fast how much I have to learn. Maybe I can apeal to Becky to give me some mentoring.
I also want to give a shout out to all of my family who remembered to give me a call (or a text Shannon) I love to hear form you all and I just made my day!!

First Day!

Yesterday was the first day of school as most of you know and have all sent you kiddos back to school. Ours started at 3:00 am when Samantha woke up throwing up. I tell you what if there is a virus to be found she's will find it! The puking lasted until about 6:00 am or so. We figured that she would probably miss her first day of school but that stubborn child was NOT going to miss the 1st day of school. She was peaked and weak but she made it with a grin on her face. She came home will all sorts of stories about her wonderful new teacher and was so excited for the upcoming year. She also declared that she was going for "Perfect" attendance this year. Well it was day #2 today and she has already blown perfect attendance. She woke up with pink eye today, like i say if there was an illness to be found she will find it. So after a visit to Dr. Rob's today she should be back at school by Thursday.

Brett on the other hand had quite a different first day. He was so nervous to start at a new school this year and not really knowing anyone made things much worse. I sent him off not with a grin like Sam but with a scowl. I thought "He'll be fine and I'm sure have a great day." Not so much....When I picked him up there was no declaration of trying to achieve perfect attendance, but a declaration that "I'm never going back to 5th grade, I hate it and it is way too hard!" I didn't let him stay home though I did send him today thinking surely today would be better. UMMM.....Not so much, he still hates it and thinks it is way too hard. I was able to get a small smile for ONE and only ONE picture!


One Last Jaunt

*Prepare for picture OVERLOAD*
I actually filled a 2gig memory card!!
We decided to take the kids down to California for one last summer getaway before school starts. We took the toy hauler and stayed in Escondido. We went to the beach and Bonnie got to feel the ocean for the first time. She loved it but not as much a s she loved the sand. I think the beach is a bit shy of some sand since Bonnie decided she liked the taste!
Brett enjoyed digging! The water was a bit cold for him. But not Samantha, stay tuned for some video of her boogie boarding!!
I had some fun with the beautiful sunset!

There was a playgound at the trailer park and Bonnie had her first swing!

We spent Friday at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
Colby got his Snake on!

Sam got her butterfly on!

We saw some cool animals!

We all loved the Lorakeets!

It was a great weekend and I got to do some serious IKEA shoppin!!


12 on the 12th Sort of...

So I thought for my 12 on the 12th I would do a house edition with my favorite things about our new house. I went around the house taking picture after picture thinking ok I better go make dinner now, I'm sure I got 12 things for my blog post. Here I am 10:30 at night and I only got 9. I did take about 45 pictures but only 9 worked! So here goes...
1. My new end table for the loft (man Target Rocks!!)
2. The awesome scrapbook desk my honey worked his fanny off building (see previous post on just how much fanny he worked off!!)
3. Although I do love Colby he is not part of my favorite HOUSE things but the light shining on his face sure is. I think that is probably my most favorite thing about this house!! I get great light ALL DAY!!
4. The 2-way staircase.
5. MY new LG washer and dryer. They sing to me!
6. The tile mosaic in the powder room.
7. Double ovens. How did I ever live with out these?
8. Family room ceiling fan, function and beauty combined!
9. Towel cabinet. It's not really the cabinet but the fact that I now have storage under my sink!

There you have it, 9 of my favorite things in our new house!! I may add more after I actually get this thing put together!! Somebody pray for me to have patience!!


I'm a Bad Blogger...

But I have a really good excuse. I left you all on July 28th still in "paradise" (Grammy's words) and have since returned to the surface of the sun!! Las Vegas that is. Anyway, As you have read in previous posts we bought a new house and my darling dear wonderful manly man of a husband moved us while i was basking in the glory of the shady willows next to the river. I came home and although my darling dear wonderful manly man of a husband worked his fanny off ( i mean that literally, its gone, all of it, he must have lost like 10lbs, which on him is A LOT!!) I still had many many boxes to unpack. I can proudly say that after a week of working my own fanny off (i wish i meant that literally, dang hagen daz) I am as unpacked as i can be until we make our trip to ikea and get some key furniture pieces (dresser for Brett, bookcases so on and so forth.) I will get some pictures for those of you have asked posted here as soon and the house is somewhat showable!! SO bear with my my faithful readers. I will get back into the swing of things soon!!! And since i have a really hard time posting with no picture I leave you so you too may bask in the the glory of the shady willows!!