A Gorgeous Day

Last Saturday couldn't have been a more beautiful day for the wedding of this super nice couple. They were so easy to shoot ans so easy going. I completely enjoyed second shooting for Brooke, she is an amazing photographer and as I said in my last post the nicest person ever! You can check out her website here


Oops, I forgot this one, It was one of my favorites so much that I used it for my photo of the day


Brooke said...

GORGEOUS! I am so excited Kristin, these are awesome! Woohoo!! Love the angle of the bridesmaids at the church, and the cake pics, okay.. all of them! Thank you again! And, thank you for your kind words :D

Kristy said...

Great Pics! How do you get them so large on your blog. Please send me any tips. Thanks!

Heather said...

These look great.
I love the one of the couple dancing.
You have great angles on all of these.
Wonderful job as always :)