Family Flags

A few months previous to Thanksgiving my brother in law gave us each a piece of fabric that we were to create a family flag on.  We were to put what we stood for and what was important to us.  I lost my fabric and had to buy more but obviously didn't know what size it was supposed to be so mine looks different! Each of the families put what was most important to them on their flags.  Things like scriptures, temple, service and love.  For our flag the kids said they wanted a church and book of mormon and I thought music was also something we needed to include because it is such a big part of our family.  We also put our family motto of "Work hard & be kind" I love how they all turned out and I love that they all depict what we all are as a family.  

We are Conks!


Thanksgiving 2012

We came, we cooked, we ate.
The end.

Halloween 2012

I thought that last year would be my last year with 3 kids dressing up but alas, my daughter with the flair for the dramatics wanted to dress up one last year (lets not kid ourselves she will dress up ever year for the rest of her life!)  Sam saw a girl Robin costume and knew that was it.  She was no side kick this day though, she was the main show with her mask and green tutu!  Colby was insistent that he be a zombie (like the rest of the the school) so after much pleading all to no avail i caved and with the help of his dad we created a zombie costume. Bonnie got to wear her costume for a second time and was the hit of all the trick or treaters.  

General Conference October 2012

Have no idea what General Conference is, check it out ...here

While we enjoy getting dressed up in our fancy duds every Sunday, it's kinda nice when we have what we call "Jammie Church" twice a year.  We get to have a whole weekend where we hear the words of our prophet and leaders through the modern technology of television and internet!  I try to have some kinds of busy hand work for me and the kids while we watch because if their hands are busy then they aren't fighting with their siblings!  I didn't have much on hand and lack of preparation caused me to get creative.  The kids wanted to do clay but I know how that goes with the expensive modeling clay that Sam and I usually like to use.  I grabbed my cream of tartar and food coloring and whipped up some homemade playdough.  There were full minutes of fun! (just kidding, they were occupied for the entirety of the Conference!

Sam used her modeling clay to create this tiny model of the prophet speaking at the pulpit! So cute and only about an inch tall!

Bonnie turns 5

She was insistent that she have a halloween party.  I tried for princess, or girly of any kind, but alas, she wanted a costume halloween birthday party.  I kept it pretty low key.  She invited kids from school and church and we partied hard! 

I spent quite a bit of time on her costume because the wig that came with her lalaloopsy costume was awful.  We were tickled with how my version turned out and she made a dang cute little Lalaloopsy if I do say so  myself! 

We had lots of fun treats after pizza! Monster cookies and candy corn cupcakes! We painted pumpkins, played witches hat ring toss, pin the eye on the monster and don't eat pete! Bonnie had a super fun party and all the kids had a blast!


Oregon with my favorite People!

Our good friends came to visit us at the ranch this summer and we tried to see if we could pack as much into the 5 days they were here with us. We hiked, swam, laughed, ate, hiked some more, river rafted a lot and just thoroughly enjoyed our time with them.  

Emigrant Lake in Ashland

The water slides were a hit, the kids had so much fun even though it wasn't the warmest of water!! 

We took a day and went up to Crate Lake.  Every time we visit this magnificent place my breath is taken away. It's always pulling teeth to get Terry up here because it is a bit of a trek but it is so worth it to me! 

See Mitch she is not a myth! My brother has heard me talk about my friend Melanie for years now but has never met her so he claims she is like a unicorn, only exists in my mind, but here is proof!

It was fun to get to spend time with these kiddos!  Sam started violin with Melanie as her teacher almost 8 years ago and Payton started with her.  It is so crazy to think that these almost teenagers were the same babies scratching out twinkles on their violins!  We decided to check out some of the hiking trails around Crater Lake and they did not disappoint! 

We also hit the Upper Table Rock Hike that is literally 5 minutes from the ranch! Such a pretty hike and super fun with this great people! 

I made an investment in a lifeproof case for Brett's iphone so we could get some fun shots of our trips down the river!  I love these priceless memories that we would not otherwise have! Cael was my raft buddy for one of the trips down and he did pretty good.  Maddy was with us and it was super fun to have these cute kiddos in my boat! 

We almost lost Bonnie at Crater Lake! Not really but she is good a hamming it up for dad's camera!! 

Good times were had by all and I can't wait for 2014!! We sure love those Larsens!

Oregon - July 2012

I am still catching up from this summer so continue to bear with me! 

We had lots of visitors this summer while at the ranch. Lisa and the kids came to visit for a few days before heading over to her sisters house! We took a hike and river rafted.  We even had a day of rain so we could snuggle up with sweats and soup! These kids sure love their cousins and we are lucky that they all get along so well. 


I just realized I never posted my November 365. I'm trying out this new app to blog from my phone so lets see if it works!!