So Wppi was like a month ago but I never got around to blogging about it and I don't want to forget what an amazing time I had. My roomie Jenny was so fun! We laughed and laughed. It was also so super fun to have Heather and Lesli hook up with us here and there. I listened to some amazing speakers that got me all jazzed up and ready to conquer the photography world! We ate some amazing food, namely fried mashed potato sticks. And the yummiest sliders EVER (I didn't get a shot of them because I was to busy inhaling them) The trade show was fun as well. I made it to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign which was a first for me, funny because I have lived here my whole life. Remind me to see if Jenny has the shot of me, Kthanks! I had a blast and hope to do it again next year!

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Heather said...

It was super fun.
Thanks for letting me hang with you guys :)