10 on Tuesday

1. We had the Young's over for dinner and F.H.E. last night. Sam did the lesson on The Resurrection, she did so good and I am so proud of her. We colored Easter eggs after the lesson and Daddy was in charge of Bonnie while I took pictures. Bonnie's hand soon after resembled Shrek.
03.29.10 Colored

2. Terry keeps bringing home doughnuts. I think he must dig fat chicks.

3. Spring Break is in full force here. My kids stayed in their jammies until 5:00 last night and only got dressed because their cousins were coming over.

4. Bonnie is a fully fledged queen of the potty and has been accident free for about 2 months. She still has to wave and say "Bye Bye pee pee's" every time she flushes, it's so cute!

5. My boys are watching The Princess and the Frog. They feel the need to justify why they are watching a girl movie! It's fun to watch them squirm!

6. Terry spanked me as Scrabble tonight. I guess I can't win 'em all!

7. I need some newborn models. There is like 500 women in my ward preggers right now so if any of you are reading this and are interested please shoot me an e-mail tconk40554@cox.net.

8. My kristinconkphotography@gmail.com account has been added to some spam lists and I am getting over 50 e-mails a day of spam. What can I do about that?

9. If I'm ever stuck in 1745 Scotland I hope I run into Jamie Fraser.

10. I have a date with Jamie and a bath right now--g'night!


Shalae said...

If you still need a baby model like 6 months from now, I'm your gal! Love the Shreck hands on Bonnie. Every child has to do that at least once, maybe more ;)

Staci Leach said...

I love that you got Terry's ring in the pic of Bonnie! Did you do that on purpose?

Janae said...

I LOVE the photo of Bonnie coloring her eggs! You definitely captured the moment, and many of us with toddlers totally have had that experience...oh the joys;)
Love the 10 on Tuesday theme.