3 weeks Really???

I know I have been absent for a while. I have just been extremely busy lately and it seems like blogging is the thing that I let slide. I have been checking all of your blogs every so often but I just haven't had the time or energy to update my own. I am working on a post with pictures of what I have been up to. And come Saturday night I should have some great pictures from Bonnie & Coopers 1st birthday party. Jamie and I have been working on this for a few weeks now and it is going to be quite the PAR-TAY. Candyland is the theme and I think the candy buffet will be the best part. Here is the invitation and if you didn't get one let me know and I'll get you all the info!!


I just don't want to forget this...

I was told by my youngest son today that I was more beautiful when I watched SpongeBob....only after i told him that watching SpongeBob made me stupider!


Story of a Cupcake

Once upon a time a little girl named Savannah and her younger brother Colton came to stay at their favoritest Aunt Kristin's house. With a house full of children already this crazy aunt decided that with 100 degree temperatures outside she must come up with an activity to occupy this rambunctious bunch. She then remembered the cupcakes she a seen on a blog that she wanted to try and thought that will occupy the kids for a while and then we will have a fun treat to take to the "movie in the park." The cupcake making soon commenced. (note the strategically placed cake batter on the faces of the children!)

Cupcake pans will filled.

Ingredients were mixed.

Frosting was colored. Fingers, bowls and spoons were licked.

Samples were tasted.

And the cutest cupcakes ever were then created, and not long after no longer ceased to exist. The Hamburger cupcakes were covited by all who sat around us at the movie.

All in all the fun that was had by these great kids will surely be had to be matched. Until next time Savannah and Colton's Favorite Aunt Kristin will have to scour the Internet to find the next cutest thing to make!!


1st Day of Preschool

Colby had his first day today and he LOVED every minute of it. I guess he is quite the class clown according to his teacher today. She thought he was hilarious. Lets hope his sense of humor doesn't cause him to much trouble down the road. He also got to wear his new DC tennis shoes. He has been buggin me to wear them since we bought them in Oregon. He sure is a cute pre-schooler isn't he!!

My 7 Million Dollar Home!

OK so you probably figured our that I wasn't talking about our new house. But I am talking about my new "Crumpler" camera bag. After shopping around for weeks I finally settled on the "7 Million Dollar Home" for my new baby. It is a great shade of bluish purple with orange interrior. It was all thanks to Terry and Becky for my birthday!! Thanks to the greatest in-laws a girl could have!!
Thanks to Lisa and Brandon for the robe and THANKS ALOT (note sarcasm) for the chocolates. I guess they didn't read about my DIET!! I also wanted to say thanks to Michelle and Mike for the B-B & Beyond gift card. I spent it today on my new bedding. I can't wait to sleep in my new 660 thread count sheets!! It has turned out to be one heck of a birthday this year!!


Big Weekend

I'll go backwards from our weekend which ended with a Labor Day Bar-B-Que in Logandale!! It was such a great day. The weather cooperated and wasn't too hot. The kids swam ALL day and the food...let me tell you about the food. Terry & Becky decided to change things up a bit from our usual burgers and hot dogs. They made the most delicious pulled pork sandwiches and Col slaw!! I tell you what I have lost 6 pounds in the last week thanks to my "diet" but i think I found a couple of the few that i "lost." I also had to opportunity to take some pics with my new camera. Man the pressure is really on. I hope you all weren't expecting GREAT pictures because I am still learning! I have a long way to go baby! Becky any time you want to hook up and teach me how to use this thing I would make my schedule open!! Well here is some of the shots from yesterday.

The cutest girl ever!!Well tied for cutest.

And her beautiful Aunt Shell!

One of the cutest boys ever (this was pre-wasp sting, you can tell by the smile on his face)

The kids had a blast with Uncle Brandon's boogie board and the swim jets. Surfin' USA!!

The other cutest girl Surfin'

And the cutest Meggy EVER!!

Moving on, in our flashback from this weekend, Saturday Night Michelle invited us to go to the "Movie in the Park" I was so fun except for the fact that I missed 3/4 of the movie thanks to Bonnie. She's still cute though. Every Saturday night the Centennial Springs shopping center puts on this really fun movie in the park. The weather was PERFECT. We saw Penelope which was just a darling movie. Next week is the Incredibles. The movie starts at dark.

"The Stinker"

This is the blow up movie screen. So So fun!!

And to begin our weekend...We started out Saturday painting. Although I know that lavender is supposed to be calming I don't think unless is is in a baby girls room it is very calming so we painted. Here is the before picture

And here is the after. It IS very calming, at least that's what Terry said. I like the blue it has a hint of aqua that will go with my new bedding. I'll post a picture when the whole room is done!

Here is where the painting continued on after the room was done. After 10 wonderful years with the Broyhill Fontana bedroom furniture I decided it was time for a change. And since we don't have the cash for new right now thanks to my new birthday present, I decided to paint white. You can see a bit of the original in the first picture but here is the finished product. Again I will post a picture when the whole room is put together!

needless to say we had a very full weekend and a very full week ahead. Check back next week for pictures of the new room with the mouldings and window casing we have planned to do on next Saturday!!