Newborn Session

So awhile back I mentioned that I had gotten together with some of my photog friends to do a newborn shoot. This is baby Anna and she was wonderful to photograph. I think I could really get into this photographing newborns!






Pam said...

stunning! you really should get into photographing newborns. :)

Shalae said...

You really should! And you have a plethora of potential clients right in our ward!!! I love them all!!!

Kirsten said...

How did you get those shots??? Are you kidding. It is impossible for me to photograph Levi. He hates me! He wakes up everytime. Beautiful pics! Love them!

JENNIE! said...

those are all so sweet!! I love the purple blanket!

Katie Morgan said...

You really have an amazing talent! When can we get together again to do Parker's pictures?