It's been an ugly cry kinda day. You know the kind, where you get all red and snotty and puffy? While I have had such an outpouring of love and support some days I just want to crawl back in bed and deal with it all another day. I packed up my Christmas plate collection, knowing that one of my favorite holiday traditions would not be celebrated this year. I found a recipe for a really yummy cake I was going to try but I remember my oven is broken. I haven't touched my camera in days and I miss taking pictures! I wanted to iron the ginormous pile of clothes so that I don't start our time in our new home behind on laundry but my dang ironing board is broken. Everything seems to be setting me off today!

WOW...Holy complaining batman!!

Enough of that. I am so blessed and am seeing it in so many ways. I have three wonderful friends that will bring us dinner this week. I have a wonderful sister and brother in law who have paid to do the paint job on my trailer. I have wonderful parents in law that are willing to let us turn their lives completely up side down while we start our new life. I have a husband who works so hard all day then comes home and has to put up with the mess and disarray not to mention fielding whining calls from me all day!! So while I am sad about my Christmas plates, I have so much more to be thankful for! Please pay no attention to the bipolarness of this post, I started with my pity party then had a quick change of heart! I know that the lord blesses us in so man ways that I should never feel lost or forgotten! I share all this because it is very cathartic for me to share, while it is probably sharing too much and letting you all in on a very personal situation it helps for me to open up!! So thanks for reading and continuing your support!!


Casa de [4]conk kids...

After a serious scrub down to get rid of the 6 inch layer of cat hair and dander our new home is ready to be Kristin-ifyed. It is going to be so cute. Here are the before pics.


We have a new sectional picked out and the futon was delivered yesterday and are in the process of building a bunk bed for the back bedroom. I have been collecting ideas with color schemes for the new look we are giving the trailer. We are painting the cabinets and walls. I will make window valances. I want to go with a light bold color scheme...is that a total contradiction? Who cares, I know what I mean even if the whole world looks at me like I'm Charlie Sheen when I talk! (that poor guy, i really think he has lost it...cuckoo cuckoo) ANYWAY... I found this photo from one of my favorite bloggers and I love what she did with her front room, I love how light it is with the bold pops of color...We'll see if I can pull it off in 350 square feet!!

Anyone want to come help me pull it off? I was thinking of having a painting party!! It's going to be grueling work!! Alrighty now, I best get of the computer and get my butt to work, this week is our "Big Sale" if you are interested in buying anything I own at a REALLY cheap price or you just want to come by and say hi...do it!! I will be blogging pics of some of the furniture we are selling later this week so stay tuned!!