10 on Tuesday

1. We had the Young's over for dinner and F.H.E. last night. Sam did the lesson on The Resurrection, she did so good and I am so proud of her. We colored Easter eggs after the lesson and Daddy was in charge of Bonnie while I took pictures. Bonnie's hand soon after resembled Shrek.
03.29.10 Colored

2. Terry keeps bringing home doughnuts. I think he must dig fat chicks.

3. Spring Break is in full force here. My kids stayed in their jammies until 5:00 last night and only got dressed because their cousins were coming over.

4. Bonnie is a fully fledged queen of the potty and has been accident free for about 2 months. She still has to wave and say "Bye Bye pee pee's" every time she flushes, it's so cute!

5. My boys are watching The Princess and the Frog. They feel the need to justify why they are watching a girl movie! It's fun to watch them squirm!

6. Terry spanked me as Scrabble tonight. I guess I can't win 'em all!

7. I need some newborn models. There is like 500 women in my ward preggers right now so if any of you are reading this and are interested please shoot me an e-mail tconk40554@cox.net.

8. My kristinconkphotography@gmail.com account has been added to some spam lists and I am getting over 50 e-mails a day of spam. What can I do about that?

9. If I'm ever stuck in 1745 Scotland I hope I run into Jamie Fraser.

10. I have a date with Jamie and a bath right now--g'night!


Epiphanie Bag

Beyond snapshots is having a contest for a new epiphanie bag. Of coarse this is right up my alley because first off the bag is RED and everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE red!! To enter we are to post a picture that has to do with RED! This is not only one of my favorite pictures but it also has my favorite color and shoes!!
Photobucket Cross your fingers for me!!


Finding JOY

*Disclaimer* I just read back through this post and you must prepare for the utter nonsense and ramblings of a woman who at most is mentally unstable and at least really needs to take a class on writing because all those C's in English are showing through!!)

Hi there!
Did you miss me?
I have been flat SICK for the last week. It hit me Thursday and I am just now starting to feel human again. As I lay in my bed somewhere between asleep and awake this morning I began to let my mind wander. I thought about how I am doing with focusing on my word for this year ENJOY. Do you remember? I do. I have kinda morphed the word to just JOY. When I hear Joy I think oooo Christmas but Joy should be something we find everyday. While I need to enjoy life I sometimes find it hard to FIND that joy. Someone who shall be nameless was talking to me as we lay in bed last night (oops that totally gave it away didn't it?) and he made a comment about how he hasn't had much joy in his life as of late. (He's totally going to kill me for writing about this and he knows how to dispose of a body because we watch way to much "crime shows" as my kids call them so if I go missing call the police) ANYWAY...so with the stress of a struggling business in a market that the current economy is not seeing much turn around in as well as being Young Mens President and the father to 2 rather difficult and 2 some what less difficult children AAAND the husband to a VERY difficult wife he is having a hard time finding Joy. This broke my heart to hear because I have been there. More often that I like to admit over the last say 2 and a half years. It broke my heart even more because I have been partially to blame. I have this tendency to call him when ever I am upset with some crap the kids did and what ever else may be going wrong in my day. I realized I never call him and say I'm having a great day. He has said way to many times for me to count that he just wishes he could come home from work and hear that I had a great day. It's not just that I have bad days every day but it seems as though those bad parts of my day is what I am focusing on and relaying to him.

So what now? The goals in mind are as follows:
1. Not call and complain to Terry about anything unless it's vital that he know (you know bad grade, ditching school, pink eye so on and so forth!)
2. Tell him about the good parts of my day when he gets home.
3. Do whatever I can to lighten his burdens and help him find joy.
4. Find joy myself because generally speaking when I'm happy He's happy!

So here I am spilling my guts to you all and why? For a number of reasons one being that I have kind of found it therapeutic to blab here on the ol' blog, even if know one actually reads it and just looks at the pretty pictures! I also share with you because I love hearing your feedback. You guys may not realize this but I love comments, it's like a present in my inbox everytime I see a new comment and then I feel loved! But the biggest reason I write this stuff here is because I feel if I want to change something then I have some what of a responsibility to commit greater to it than if I did it privately. I am, for all of those who know me, not a private person. I never have been, call it a character flaw or not, I like to think it makes me more lovable. I have been known to share birthing stories with the check out girl at target or giving way to much information about my shortcomings on a certain blog, it's just me, love me if you want to, or not! So sharing publicly my shortcomings with an added goal of my plan to change here on the blog makes me more responsible. You all need to hold me accountable! If you see me in the hall at church, ask me how I'm doing on my latest goal, I don't want to have to say "EWW that? UM Yeah not working so much on that," I want to be able to say, "GREAT!!"

So there you have it goals and explanations! When I sat down to write this post I was going to tell you all about how I have "enjoy"ing as well as finding joy in my life and it turned into something completely different, but better I hope because I now have something to work on that is in desperate need of being worked on! I will save telling you all about my joys for another day!
♥ you!

Oh and because you can't have a post without pictures these are some things bringing me joy as of late!

My New Shootsac!!
03.24.10  Self Portrait Tuesday on Wednesday

My Boys in ties!!
03.21.10 Fatherly Duties


Lucky ME!!!!!!!!

I was lucky enough to weasel an invite to come along for this just for fun photo shoot from some AMAZING photographers here in the area! Everyone brought models and we took turns shooting them. I know I should probably have put this over on the photo blog but I kinda gave up in that blog months ago. I get it back up and running when I get my revamping done.

These models were an absolute delight to work with and It was a privilege to get to shoot along some of the most talented photographers around. I'll put up link to their blogs when they get thier pictures up so you can see how they blow me out of the park!!


10 on Tuesday

You guys seem to really like my 10 on Tuesday posts so I will continue with bearing my soul (and dorkyness) to you once again this day!

1. I spent this morning in the doctors office with Bonnie. A really bad ear infection and a really bad upper respiratory infection. Dr. Rob reprimanded me for not giving her breathing treatments before it got this bad. She is currently in her bed barking up a storm trying to sleep. I makes my heart ache when she's so sick like this.

2. My house is being over run with paper airplanes. No loose piece of paper are safe from the folding of Brett and Colby.

3. I have never been so ready for summer EVER! (except for the swim suit part, I've never been more NOT ready for summer in that way!)

4. Cadbury eggs are Heaven and the Devil all in one!

5. I'm reading a new series that is pretty good so far. It's the Outlander series. Have you read any of them? Let me know what you think?
03.16.10 Thanks Cindy

6. I am still in the post-wppi bliss. I am totally revamping my business and can't wait to show you all when it's done!

7. In my revamping of the business I am debating whether or not to keep the business blog and my personal blog separate. What you you all think? I like that I can connect will all of my readers over here and clients would have a chance to get to know me, but then I like that I can spill my guts over here and I probably wouldn't be able to do that if I combined them! HELP!

8. The Spaghetti O eating, Gum Chewing Girl with a pencil read my post directed to her to which she in turn vehemently denied making spaghetti o messes, sticking gum where it doesn't belong and writing on anything other than paper. What am I gonna do with that girl?

9. I am doing a just for fun photo shoot with some AMAZING photographers on Thursday at 3:00 and we are looking for models, if you are interested and can pull together an awesome outfit drop me a line and you can get some free photos! kristinconkphotography@gmail.com

10. I am totally intimidated about this photo shoot because I am going to be shooting with some of the most AMAZING photographers in Las Vegas (and one from Vegas but moved to provo dang her!) It is just for fun so really no pressure but I may be a little star struck when I go!

That's all for now thanks for stopping by! ♥ YOU!


Juinor Festival

*Disclaimer* You are about to embark on a gross over abundance of pictures of my kids, don't say I didn't warn you!

After months and MONTHS of preparation the kids were finally able to play for the judges the music that they worked so hard to perform. And they did fabulously!!

Samantha performed first at the Nevada School of the Arts downtown in the morning. I grabbed her before she had to go on and shot a few shots with her violin. I can't believe how grown up she looks. She did so great and took home a certificate with a Superior. She was really nervous and she wanted me to put her froggie on my shoulder so she could see it and not be nervous. I told her it wouldn't stay on my shoulder so she attached it to my necklace, clever girl!

After we were done at the NSA we headed over to UNLV for the boys. Again, I took advantage of our being early and the lovely spring greenery on campus to take some much over due portraits. Are my kids not the cutest things you've ever seen?

When it came time to go in to our room for the judging we were pleasantly surprised when our Brett's former teacher who moved to Utah was one of the judges (she wasn't the one who judeged Brett, no nepotism here!) Both boys played excellently and also walked away with superior certificates.

I stopped and got the kids some McD's on the way home because they were STARVING. I grabbed them real quick for a shot with their much earned Superior awards. The top shot is so my kids. It was totally not staged either!
Sam-Drama Drama Drama "it's all about ME!"
Colby-la la la la la land
Brett-"hang on mom I got a text"

I have video of all the kids' performances and hope to get them up here for the grandparents. Maybe after that IMac I've been coveting shows up on my doorstep (I'm talking to you fairy godmother!)



Dear Spaghetti O's Eater,
I just spent 30 minutes cleaning the microwave and would really appreciate it if when you are heating up your food if you would cover it with a paper towel so I can save myself a half an hour a week? Also if you happen to spill some of your little tiny O's will you wipe them up so I don't have to waste another 30 min trying to unstick them from the counter and floor? And one more thing, when you are opening the can if you happen to drop the lid on the floor could you please pick it up before it becomes cemented to the floor?Thank you.

♥ Mom

Dear Gum Chewer,
I understand you enjoy the wonderful cinnamon, minty or fruity flavored goodness that a little stick of gum may bring, HOWEVER when you are finished with said stick of gum would you kindly put it in the nearest trash receptacle rather than under the counter, on the jam of your door or under the kitchen table. Thank you.

♥ Mom

Dear Girl with a pencil,
You are an amazing artist. Your ability to create wonderful master pieces in pencil, paint and crayon never cease to amaze me. But if it wouldn't be too much trouble would you mind not drawing on my furniture. Your father works hard to have money so we may buy nice things and I work very hard to maintain the upkeep of said furniture so that we may live in a house that is nice. If the urge to draw so strikes at a moment where you find yourself with out paper a simple request and paper will be provided to you. Thank you.

♥ Mom

I shall give no name to the spaghetti o's eater, gum chewer or girl with pencil so as to maintain her anonymity, she knows who she is and hopefully will change her behavior.

Bartholomew and the Oobleck

We have the funnest kindergarten teacher. We have been celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday all week and Mrs. Cefelli (♥ you, I know your reading and you still need to send me your blog address so I can read yours!) sent home with each kid a bag of their very own OOBLECK! Now normally I would see a bag of goo and toss it as soon as the kid had his head turned but in my efforts to "enjoy" (my word for the year) I let the 2 yougers play, I got in there a bit too and had fun until I set my camera down in a blob of goo. Luckily all that is involved with this stuff is corn starch and water. It super cool, you can touch it quickly and it's hard or let your fingers sink right into it! I had made this for a cub scout pack meeting ages ago and remembered how fun this stuff was, messy but fun!


Little Engine

I think I can, I think I can, I hope I can, I maybe can, I don't think I can, I can't, I really really can't. Why is this the constant dialogue running through my mind? I just spent an amazing 4 days attending the Wedding and Portrait Professionals International conference here in Las Vegas, you have heard me refer to it as WPPI. I am working on blogging about wppi but I wanted to write my feeling down while they are fresh in my mind.

self-con·fi·dence (slfknf-dns)n. Confidence in oneself or one's own abilities.

Sounds simple enough right? I have abilities that the lord has blessed me with. I work hard to refine and perfect those abilities. So why is it they are good enough for me but when it comes to sharing those abilities with the world self doubt enters in. When ever I think abut this the old SNL sketch with Stuart Smalley plays in my mind "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and dog gone it people like me."

Just listen to the first 20 seconds or so the rest is dumb!

If you couldn't tell by now I'm a little bit crazy about photography. It brings me joy like no hobby I have ever had. I hesitate to even say this because you may not agree with me but I think I'm pretty good at it. (did you see that, I couldn't even write my own assessment of my abilities with out putting that disclaimer in there before hand due to my lack of self confidence.) I sat through so may amazing classes at wppi the past few days and would come out of each one of them totally jazzed saying to myself "yeah I can totally do that, that is what i want for me and my business" but eventually that little voice in the back of my mind so quietly creeps in and says "sure you can revamp your marketing and totally adjust your branding to be more consistant and why not throw in offering more products in you selling but your still not good enough to charge people to take pictures." (totally Satan my the way, I figured that one out at least, I know he is happiest when we are having self doubt and struggling)

So how do I get rid of that little voice in my head filling me with self doubt? (btw why is it ok for Satan to get in my head, I don't want him there he should just leave) Here is where you come in my little following. I don't want to hear, "you are such a great photographer, I hear that all the time and apparently it's not giving me what I need, what I need form you is the answer to that question up there...How do I get rid of that nagging voice in my head, telling me i suck? My girl Jenny came to town and spent the last 4 days putting up with my big mouth and oboxious laugh but we had so much fun and laugh (albeit obnoxciously) we did. He answer to that question was to fake it til you make it and while I like that idea it has been really hard for me to do that. Last summer when I went live with my business I went full on gang busters and right out of the gate full and did tons. I had one session go bad and instead of picking myself up and getting right back out there I came to a screeching halt, I crawled under my bed and hid form the world. I would have a little panic attack whenever I would see a new e-mail in my photography e-mail account, I even went as far as to unsubscribe to all the newsletters I was getting so I wouldn't have to see that little bold (1) in my inbox. I haven't done 1 session since that last bombed session. A lot of the classes I went to at wppi talked about how you need to fail to succeed, UM Yeah... I pretty much just have failures because instead of picking myself up, brushing it off and getting back out there i just quit. (wow I just scanned back to the top of this and it's turning into a really long post) I'm just going to wrap it up now and ask if you like tell me what you do when you feel this way. I know 98% of my blog readers are women and moms so I know you have all felt this way at one time or another so help a sister out (and by sister I mean sister not sista cuz I'm not from the ghetto and I hate it when people pretend to be) and tell me what you think!!

BTW I ♥♥♥ you all who come faithfully and read my stupid rantings about my boring life ♥♥♥ you!
And since it's against the law to post without a picture here is my girl Jenny at the Las Vegas sign that I in 32 to years of living here had never been to!

03.07.10  A First


More Baby Jessa

I got to play newborn photographer with my new baby niece this week. She is so precious and she almost make we want another baby, until My kids get home and start fighting, whining, so on and so forth!!

Isn't my sister gorgeous? This one is funny of the baby but she looked so amazing I couldn't help but post it!


10 on Tuesday

1. The official countdown to WPPI is on!! Only 4 more days!! I am SOOOO excited. My photog pal Jenny is coming and we are staying at a hotel down on the strip. I can't wait! For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, WPPI is a photography convention and trade show!

2. I facebooked this earlier this week about how I was picked as a favorite for the weekly I♥Faces challenge. You all saw my post last week with Bonnie and the Pet Shops. I was pretty excited, I didn't think I would be picked! I would like to thank the little people!! Just kidding, It's not really that big a deal but there were 890 other entrants in the contest!! I wasn't in the top 10 but I was a favorite pick!
You can see the blog post here...I♥Faces Winning Pictures

3. I am really proud of us as a family! We made it through the entire month of February without missing a single Family Home Evening!

4. I have a new found love. Chocolate Jimmies. I had a chocolate shake at Red robin the other day and it had whipped cream and those fabulous little bits of chocolaty goodness on top. I made myself a shake Sunday night with some yummy's and whipped cream on top! DANGEROUS!!

5. Terry is the best Daddy in the whole world. When ever we take the kids to a restaurant he always does the games on the kiddie menus with them. He has since they were little. As part of the new birthday tradition I spoke of in Sam's birthday post we took her out to Red Robin (whom I now blame for the addiction I have to chocolate jimmy's) and I snapped this shot as they played tic-tac-toe!!

6. I will be SO happy when Junior Festival is over! i am so tired hearing the same 5 stinkin songs OVER AND OVER!! I hope I can handle all 4 kids while I 3 of them participate at 2 different locations on the very same day while Terry is dealing with Youth Conference!

7. I cleaned my scrapbook desk off this weekend and it made me really miss scrapbooking. Anyone want to come and scrap with me? You can see the cleaned up desk in my last post at the very bottom right!

8. I dripped strawberries in chocolate for my kids lunch yesterday. I though I would be such a big hero for such a special treat but yeah, not so much! They were like "eh they were ok" You win some you loose some!

9. I WAS the big hero on Saturday when I made shape pancakes for the 3 youngers while Terry and Brett were on the campout. You can also see a picture of that in my last post.

10. I refilled my sugar canister this morning and I spilled a little on the counter. The kids left for school and when I went to clan up the spill this is what I saw...

That Samantha, as hard as she may be she sure knows how to make me smile!! Have a fabulous Tuesday!


Februay 365 Recap

I made it through another month. I am still loving this project. It has challenged me in ways I never thought it would! It has been a busy month with lost to take pictures of. I imagine the real challenge will be when We have a slow month with not a lot going on.

*Per Katie's request here is the link to my flickr photostream