You Won't Believe This.....

But I have proof. Yes at only 8 months (as of last thursday) Bonnie is WALKING. That's right I said walking. She has always been so independant but not long after crawling she started pulling herself up to furniture and now all on her own she decided she could walk. This morning she was sitting in the middle of the floor in my bedroom and she just stood up!! I can't believe it. I was hoping my baby would stay a baby longer than the others but she has certainly shown us she has a mind of her own. Now if we could just get her to sleep through the night we would be looking good.


Photoshop Fun!

I have been playing around with some actions. This was a picture I forgot I took of Bonnie when she was about 6 months old. I used a bunch of actions on in some by Brenda Acuncius,
some by The Pioneer Woman, and the rounded corners was one by Lyndsay Stradtner. Man I love that Photoshop.


Good Times

With the chaos of moving and packing I decided to take a break and take the kids up to Logandale for a few days. The kids swam non-stop for 2 days. We had a wonderful time and I have never seen my kids eat so much. Becky taught me how to knit wash cloths and a new type of quilting called paper piecing. It was lots of fun learning something new. Here are a few highlights from the past few days.

That awesome Grandma spent an hour throwing the ball to the kids as they jumped in the pool and caught it in mid air.

Samantha loves cooking with grandma, it is one of her favorite things to do in Logandale. The Amish friendship bread was awesome and both loaves we gone within 2 days!!

Just so you know the Bon Bon was there too and basically slept the whole time. Since the kids got out of school she hasn't been able to get a decent nap but out in Logandale the kids were swimming outside so she just slept and slept.

And a Little Stubby too. More to come on this matter!!!!


I Heart The Circus!

I haven't been to the circus since I was in beauty school FOREVER ago but I remember now how much fun it is. A virtual feast for the eyes. My kids absolutely loved it. I am so glad we went, I think Terry even had a good time except for the busy baby that traded laps the whole night. I tried to get pic of the kids with their mesmerized faces but the light was just not good enough for that but I did get some to capture the fun of the evening!!



I do love these little feetses!! Although they are certainly giving me a run for my money right now. I just have to keep my eye on the prize. As I try to pack 10 years of crap jam packed into this house I currently have 8 little feet, 80 little toes running (well 70 running 10 crawling) all around me want so desperately to HELP me. I have to remind myself that these children are my life and that I am responsible for their happiness. So as I am wanting to pull my hair out, or just break down and cry I need to stop and just give them what they need. ME! I love you little feet!


Happy Birthday, Rosie & Taylar!

Staci and Tony had a really fun BBQ last night for the girls Birthday and I got some really fun shots at the party!! Most of them were pretty dark, )Still trying to figure out low light photography with out a flash!) I sent all of the "Birthday" pictures over to Staci, I figured she shoud get to put them on her blog. Check her blog for some fun B-day Pics.
This is the gorgeous Miss Kirsta. I can't believe she is already leaving for college
in a couple days!! She has grown up so fast. But she grew up a wonderful girl.
(her parents can attest to that!)

Here is the goofy "Miss Austyn" who has also grown up way too fast! I remember when she was a permanent fixture in my back seat in high school. I even had a car seat for her!! She always keeps the party interesting. Tony pointed out last night, we can always count on Austyn being the one with 5 tubes or 3 life jackets or all of the ribbons and wrapping paper on her!!

This was a very tender moment I was trying to catch between Gerry and Nathan but the jerk MITCHOLE, I mean Mitchell RUINED!! On purpose none the less. Gerry offered to repose for the picture but I said no, because it would look forced and not authentic!!

MITCHOLE!!! And Gerry TOO!!


Yet Another Recital

But this time it was dance. I know I told some of you that I would put video of the actual dance but the video just didn't turn out!! I need to work on my video taking skills. I did however find this awesome pocket of light before the show and got this beautiful shot of Sam. She performed wonderfully and we are so proud of her!


SNOW?!? In JUNE?!?

We went up to pick up a swing set in Duck Creek this weekend and decided to make a trip of it. We left on Friday and stayed in Brianhead at the condo. When we left we knew it would be cold so we packed jackets but we definitely didn't predict that there would be snow in the ground. The kids freaked out and had a ton of fun throwing snowballs at each other. Who would have thought the first time they played in snow this year it would have been in June!!!


New House!!

Well since the cat is out of the bag and most of the free world knows we are moving, I figured it is time to post some pics! Every one asks so i will just put it here so I don't have to say it a bazillion times...The house is about 3600 sq. ft. the casita has a 3 car garage and is 700 sq. feet of living (music making) space. The lot is a little over a half acre!! So if you need trailer storage we can hook you up with a minimal fee!! Hey, we got a house payment to make here and every little bit helps. I want to rent out the casita but Terry insists that it be for band practice!!

The Last time you will see my car out of the garage Yeah!!

Brett is most excited about the intercom (no not his own room, he's excited about the INTERCOM) That Brett, what are we going to do with him!!!
The kids keep calling the casita "Casita on the prairie".
We explained that casita in Spanish is little house.
They came to their own conclusion.