Spring Break in Logandale

We spent the last few days in Logandale to finish out our spring break. We had initially planned a trip to the sand dunes but that didn't work out so to Grandmas house we went. Aunt Shell ate Bonnie up pretty much the whole time.
Grandma discovered that Bonnie is quite the dancer.
We colored Easter eggs with the few kids that were around. Gerry came out on Friday and brought CJ and Nathan.

Wii played lots of Wii. Rayman was a BIG hit.
And just a little something to make you laugh.

You may notice my little graphic on all my pics, a few of the blogs I visit have had problems with people stealing pictures so they said to watermark to avoid theft. Who knows, it was just fun to make and it kinda makes me look like I'm a real photographer!! Tee Hee!!


Overheard Conversations!

Brett: MOM Colby keeps throwing things at me!

Mom: Colby come here. You sit on time out for a few minutes.


(5 min later)

Brett: (to Colby very sweetly) Hey bud, listen you can't throw things ok. You just hurt us and even if your mad and you have something in your hand you should just say to yourself "I want to throw this but is isn't a good idea." and then you just put it down. OK

Colby: OK

Brett: Mom can Colby get off time out?

Mom: I guess.

Brett: OK Colby why don't you go watch tv in my room!

This was just an example of my FINE parenting skills. Just kidding Brett has just heard so many of these lectures he has just started regurgitating what I have said so many times.


Let's Party!

Sam had her birthday party today finally after only 3 weeks of putting it off we actually got it together. We had a Polkadot theme party. We made polka dot frames, bracelets with polkadot ribbon and had a bubble blowing contest. It was a really fun party!
Each of the girls got a picture like this one and put into their frames.
OOOOOHH! Cupcakes!
The party favors were the buckets with vinyl lettering with each girls name on them.


Unfound Treasures

While organizing my photos I realized I hadn't remembered seeing the pictures from our trip to Salt Lake with the kids last spring. As I searched for them I found that they had been loaded on to our desktop computer. I hadn't even looked at them. I remember taking pictures but never gave them another thought. When I was going through them I found this one, while not necessarily the best photo I love it because of what it is. My kids had never been to temple square, it was a really neat experience and Samantha said this was here favorite part of the whole day. I would have to agree. Sam stood there for the longest time, I can only imagine what she was thinking. But I love that she looks like a little girl would, looking up to her older brother.

The flowers were in full bloom while we were there and it was really beautiful. I love that you can see the blue band aids on Colby's fingers. He got them shut in the door at Buco Di Beppo, where we ate for lunch and the waitress made such big deal for him he loved that he got to have those cool blue band aids. He wore them the whole weekend.


Hey Mom, Look What I Found!!

We're still pushing the binky but every once in a while this thumb ends up doing the binky's job!


Just a Little Eye Candy!

Working on shooting in M mode. (manual) A bit easier than I thought. I think I may be getting the hang of this photography thing!!!

By the way don't I have the cutest kids in the world!!


The Newest Member of ...

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are so proud of Samantha. She made the choice to baptized yesterday and we couldn't be happier. Today was her first fast Sunday as a member and she fasted with out complaining at all. She is so excited to be clean and have the gift of the Holy Ghost. She was telling her dad that when he confirmed her that when he said "recieve the Holy Ghost" she got a really warm feeling in her heart and she hopes it stays there always.

Here are just a few of the pictures taken before her baptism. Grandie worked so hard on this dress and it just turned out beautifully. Thanks Mom!! I will take Sam and get some better pictures of her in her baptism dress when we aren't rushed and have the stake primary lady saying "Sure you have time to take pictures but HURRY!"