My husband rocks a miter saw

So I had a dream about this chalk board thingamjigger that I wanted to have at the top of my stairs. I mentioned in my last 10onT post that I wanted to have a chalkboard for the niche at the top of my stairs after I had seen it on that other blog but I knew I wanted something more well...ME!! I had a dream about this frame I wanted for my chalk board, I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like but you know how that can go sometimes. Well with about $80 in supplies and a man who is very handy with some power tools I have exactly what I wanted!! It couldn't be more perfect!
04.25.10 U is for Up

The pictures really don't do it justice, it is so stinking cute, I stop and stare at it every time I comeup the stairs!!

mmmmm cookies

We made cookies for F.H.E. last night.

They were yummy.

I'm fat!


Newborn Session

So awhile back I mentioned that I had gotten together with some of my photog friends to do a newborn shoot. This is baby Anna and she was wonderful to photograph. I think I could really get into this photographing newborns!






10 on Tuesday

1. I may have a hard time coming up with 10 but I'll give it my best shot! There 1 down.

2. Bonnie told me on Thursday last week that she didn't like her boy bed and she needed a new girl bed. We haven't changed the bedding since the bed was Colby's. I found some really cute bedding for Grandie to get for Bonnie for her birthday (yes I know her birthday was in October but I just now got around to telling my mom what she wanted for her present.) at Target, my favorite store. Pretty cute huh?
04.18.10 N is for New Bed

3. Brett's best friend and his family are moving to Montana. I am seriously now stressing about this summer and keeping my kids entertained.

4. I got to take My nephew CJ's pictures for prom. I can't believe that kid is old enough to go to prom. I used to change this kids diapers!


5. I really want and Ipad. My husband says I'll have to "secret" it because we can't afford it right now. So I'm putting this out in the universe hoping that the engery I'm giving to it will get me that Ipad!!

6. I'm getting super jazzed about the Flash Workshop that miss Wendy is coming to teach. I have volunteered my house for the base camp of the weekend! There are a few other photogs coming too and we will all stay at my house. It should be a super fun weekend and I hope to learn tons!!

7. I have an idea for the niche at the top of my stairs that has remained empty for the last 21 months. This is the jumping off point but mine will be quite different looking.

8. If you clicked on the link in #7 you will have been to one of my favorite and inspirational blogs that I read. Shawni is and amazing mother and has the happiest most smiling children which is I'm sure due to her awesome mothering. I hope to be more like her! If you have kids you should read her blog too!

9. We are planning a trip to Ireland for Terry's 40th birthday, I know it's still 4 years away but we need to start saving now. Why wait until he's 40? Terry turned 20 when he lived there on his mission, he Turned 30 there when we visited for the 2nd time and he wants to turn 40 there! It's open invite so start your Ireland bank and save for penny's so you can come with us!!

10. Wow! would you look at that, I made it all the way to 10 (even if I cheated a little!!)

I hope you all have a good night, sleep well and wake up refreshed!!


Princess Bonnie

Bonnie had a birthday party on Saturday where she was to dress up a princess. She got all of the Disney princess dresses for Christmas but due very poor workmanship and a little girl who will wear nothing else when she is at home the dresses are in very ratty condition. We had to get her a presentable dress for the party. She loves her new dress and she looked so darling I had to capture her in her new princess dress.




A Gorgeous Day

Last Saturday couldn't have been a more beautiful day for the wedding of this super nice couple. They were so easy to shoot ans so easy going. I completely enjoyed second shooting for Brooke, she is an amazing photographer and as I said in my last post the nicest person ever! You can check out her website here


Oops, I forgot this one, It was one of my favorites so much that I used it for my photo of the day


10 on Tuesday

1. I did a wedding on Saturday with non other than the amazing Brooke Ashley Photography. I had so much fun hanging with her all day. She was so much fun to shoot with and quite possibly one of the nicest people I have ever met! Isn't she cute with her tiny baby bump!!

2. Is it wrong that I scheduled people to come to my house just to give me motivation to clean?

3. I did a newborn shoot with Lesli and Heather on Friday. It was so much fun. Heather grabbed this behind the scenes shot. Baby Anna was amazing and I got some amazing shots, I will be blogging it later this week.

4. I think I will be happy and sad when the last of the Easter candy that I have been hoarding is gone! Maybe I will get back on my treadmill when it's gone!

5. My boy is playing songs out of the real church hymn book. I am thoroughly impressed.

6. Bonnie is either naked or in one of her dress up dresses 98% of the time. I would have taken issue with this with my other kids but she is my last and I am a) to lazy to get her dressed and b) think tiny panties on tiny bums is the cutest thing ever, I just wanna pinch 'em!

7. I use a lot of exclamation points in my typing. It's an illness!!!!

8. Brett knows a freakishly large amount of things about the Titanic.

9. Breakfast with my mom and sister is the best.
04.08.10 E is for Eating coffee cake at the cracked EGG

10. I hate laundry with a passion. The End



So Easter came and went in a flurry of colored eggs and Cadbury Creme. I can't say I'm all to sad to see this holiday go, my ever expanding waistline is largely in part due to the over abundance of chocolatey goodness this time of year brings! As I said in my 10 on Tuesday post a while back we had Terry's sister and her family over to dye Easter eggs and for a Family home evening lesson. Even the big kids got into it, Kyle who is 15 shows us his mad skills in the art ofcrayon drawing on Easter Eggs. Terry wanted to see how dark he could make an egg, it was pretty blue but i messed it up when I put it away and scraped a bunch of the color off. OOPS! It made some good and colorful egg salad though!


Easter morning came all to early in the morning. The Easter Bunny knew Mom and dad were up to late to be up early for the hunt so he put a not up warning the kids not to go down stairs until 7:30, I wish he had made it 8:00. This was the first year Bonnie really got the whole, "hunt for eggs" thing and that was really fun.. I had planned to make a nice dinner but the kids were so full of candy I said forget it, I'm not wasting this on candy filled children! We enjoyed the rest of the watching conference and chillaxin!



10 on tuesday photo style

1. Having renters sucks

04.05.10 D is for Destroyed

2. My mother in law ROCKS. She helped my vision come to light. I give you my awesome camera strap with memory card pockets...
04.03.10 New Strap

3. Conference was amazing, as always. How could it not be when you get to listen to the prophet in your jammies!
04.04.10 C is for Crocheting and Conference

4. Look what I found on the counter when I came down stairs after I had been cutting hair and went to take a bath to get all the hair off of me. *note to self never leave your scissors where a 2 year old can reach them.

04.01.10 Haircut

5. Her new haircut is pretty cute though. Not the one she did but the one I did to cover the bald spot in the back.
04.02.10 Friday Faces | New Do

6. Colby had conjunctivitis and a sinus infection over spring break. nothing like a visit to ol' Doctor Rob on spring break...good times!
03.31.10 Conjunctivitis and Sinus Infection

7. I apparently have no shame.
03.30.10 SPT

8. Easter was fun but I will do a blog post about that tomorrow.

9. Jenny FINALLY posted some pictures and one of them just happened to be me at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.
066/365 the native

10. Jenny also thought it would be funny to post a picture of my make-up case on flickr because she thinks I am stuck in the 80's. I am not I just can't find a make-up case that will hold all of my stuff that isn't a tackle box. So what if it's glitter and hot pink. And again because I have no shame I will share it here on the blog.
068/365 hand over the razzles

Good Night and please don't think to poorly of me kthanksbye!



So Wppi was like a month ago but I never got around to blogging about it and I don't want to forget what an amazing time I had. My roomie Jenny was so fun! We laughed and laughed. It was also so super fun to have Heather and Lesli hook up with us here and there. I listened to some amazing speakers that got me all jazzed up and ready to conquer the photography world! We ate some amazing food, namely fried mashed potato sticks. And the yummiest sliders EVER (I didn't get a shot of them because I was to busy inhaling them) The trade show was fun as well. I made it to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign which was a first for me, funny because I have lived here my whole life. Remind me to see if Jenny has the shot of me, Kthanks! I had a blast and hope to do it again next year!


Project:365 | Recap

Well I made it through March. I did miss a few days this month due to me being sick as a DAWG!! But here it is. If your curious about a picture, like why on Earth would I be taking a picture of my folded laundry, just leave me a comment about which one and I'll give ya an explanation!
Here is the link to My Photostream at Flickr