52 | 2012 - On the Shelf

I can't seem to get it together lately! My life is going 90 million miles an hour in 6 different directions!  I had planned to get some shots of my girls new shelves that I put up, but their room has been a disaster for days now!  Then I thought of the really awesome shelves I am building but they are not even close to being completed (read:bout supplies for yet still in garage.)  So you get an old photo inspired by Michelle. 

06.08.10 That Girl
Mom: "Samantha please go clean your room"
Mom: "NOW!!!"
Sam: (stomps off to room)
1 hour later
Mom " Sam, I asked you to clean, what have you been doing in here for the past hour?"
Sam: I organized my books by color!


Next week's theme is Memories
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52 | 2012 - Colors

"Green beads go in a green dish on a green saucer....gosh mom"  

How a 4 year old thinks! 

Next week's theme is Neighbors
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