So Easter came and went in a flurry of colored eggs and Cadbury Creme. I can't say I'm all to sad to see this holiday go, my ever expanding waistline is largely in part due to the over abundance of chocolatey goodness this time of year brings! As I said in my 10 on Tuesday post a while back we had Terry's sister and her family over to dye Easter eggs and for a Family home evening lesson. Even the big kids got into it, Kyle who is 15 shows us his mad skills in the art ofcrayon drawing on Easter Eggs. Terry wanted to see how dark he could make an egg, it was pretty blue but i messed it up when I put it away and scraped a bunch of the color off. OOPS! It made some good and colorful egg salad though!


Easter morning came all to early in the morning. The Easter Bunny knew Mom and dad were up to late to be up early for the hunt so he put a not up warning the kids not to go down stairs until 7:30, I wish he had made it 8:00. This was the first year Bonnie really got the whole, "hunt for eggs" thing and that was really fun.. I had planned to make a nice dinner but the kids were so full of candy I said forget it, I'm not wasting this on candy filled children! We enjoyed the rest of the watching conference and chillaxin!


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