I can't believe I have been the mom of this amazing kid for 14 years.
He cleaned the trailer for me yesterday...just because!
How did I get so lucky?

All Brett wanted for his birthday was a smart phone. He has had a cell phone for 2 and a half years but he never carries it and we could never get ahold of him on it. We figured if we went ahead and got him an iPhone we might actually be able to get ahold of him on it. He would have never asked for an iPhone because he knows how dang expensive they are so we wanted to surprise him with it. So for his birthday gifts I went to the store and bought a bunch of his favorite junk food and wrapped them individually. I took the actual bacon (his new favorite food, who knew I had a hipster for a son?) out of the package and placed the phone in it. He went along unwrapping his gifts and got to the bacon, he was most excited about the bacon, but then moved on to the next gift. We secretly called the phone so the box of bacon began to ring. He opened it up and was blown away. His grades are suffering and everyone is fighting over playing with it, but hey, I have a very satisfied birthday boy!!

As with last years tradition, Brett requested mini cheesecakes. Seriously the easiest birthday cake you can make, thanks to JELLO! Add milk stir and pour!! It took some doing but I managed to get all 14 candles into that tiny little cheesecake!!

Happy Birthday boy! I ♥ you!!!


52|2012 Week 8 - Romance

We will celebrate 16 years of wedded bliss this summer. I am lucky to have a husband who is romantic in the sense that he plans little getaways for us and brings me a flower just because but to me romance is so much more than that. It's the little things. I try to show my romantic side as well but the little things seem to always mean more!

Plugging in my cell phone because he knows it's about to go dead.
Driving so he can play with whatever new gadget he got.
Washing a sink full of dirty dishes because he knows how much I loath doing them.
Dipping strawberries in chocolate because he saw some and thought they looked good.
Helping kids with homework because I loathe that even more than the dishes.
Bringing me a hot chocolate...just because.
Letting him spend all night playing his guitar in the back room, even though I would like to spend some time with him!

See it's about anticipating the needs or wants of the other person and meeting them. That is romance to me!

**With a very sick husband this week I didn't have an opportunity to take the photo I planned so I took a page out of Michelle's book and grabbed one from the archives.
07.13.10 Getting Handy

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No linked today

No linked blog post for me today girls, I have no internet due to a cute boy in some very heavy equipment digging up our yard trying to fix the septic tank problem who then subsequentially hit the phone and power lines, good thing he's cute! I'm posting from my phone! Hopefully it will be back up soon!


10 on Tuesday

1. Happy Valentines Day

2. I have been sick for over a week and it just might be the death of me.. Why of all months of the year did I have to get sick on the busiest one??

3. Being sick I totally have neglected to blog about 2 birthdays. One of which i didn't ever get out my camera.

4. Brett turned 14 last week, I will do a proper post when i feel better.

5. Saturday was Sam's Solo & Ensemble festival. She participated with her advanced orchestra group. I though they did well and it was fun to finally connect with some violin moms in the valley.

6. 5 out of 6 of us have been hit with this nasty virus that the doctor said will probably hang on for 3 or so weeks...fun stuffs!!

7. I was a lame valentine mom this year, no celebrating happenin in this abode, we did piano lessons instead!

8. I only have one kid in elementary school this year so that kinda let some of the pressure off. I had fun making these colorful cookies for Colby's valentines.


9. Me and my boys had In-N-Out for dinner after lessons, I got a shake for a valentines treat...big mistake!
10. I went reminiscing valentines on years past, I need to be better about documenting what I do for these kids so they don't think I am a bad mom . You can see 2010 and 2008's valentines here & here.


52|2012 Week 6 - Quiet

You may not necessarily think quiet when you see a 14 year old playing the guitar but surprisingly it is. He likes to play when the house is quiet and he can play without plugging in. He is a quiet soul, as well, especially at this time of day. After school when homework is done and piano is practiced. It's not at all what I imagined having a teenaged boy in the would be like. Brett is not social, he'd much rather stay home than hang out with friends (I'm afraid when 2 introverted extroverts breed you get an ULTRA introverted extrovert) We love our sweet quiet boy.
Week 6 | Quiet

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Michelle, Heather, Jenn, Heather. Rhonda, Tracey, Stacey, Andrea, Jessica, Amanda, Sarah, Janet, Lesli, Carla, Lena, Rose, Naomi, Tracy, Heidi, Veronica, Amy


52|2012 Week 5 - Sleep

Ahh sleep, the thing I love most yet somehow seems to be eluding me more and more these days. I have never struggled with sleep. I have always been able to sleep deeply and restfully. I now live in a tin can where the slightest movement shakes the whole place and forget it if anyone has to get up and pee in the night. I try to go to bed at a decent hour knowing that I will have to be up at 5:00 to get Sam up and going for cheer but somehow when 10:30 or 11 o'clock rolls around I just can't get to sleep. I try to go back to bed after I drop her off at the middle school at 6:00 but most of the time i regret it. I alway wake up groggy and feeling like garbage! Someday I will have a lovely, quiet bedroom and kids who will get themselves up and won't need to be reminded to brush their teeth so for now, I will just be tired.
Week 5 | Asleep

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Thankful Thursday

1. Hulu Plus, it's my new best friend. We have signed up and cancelled twice but I think it's back for good.

2. Yummy recipes that are super easy and cook fast. Thank you McCormick seasonings.

3. The girls basketball team won tonight making it not a total loss since the boys lost!!

4. Warm slippers.

5. Teachers who are willing to stay after to help my kids who are struggling with algebra!

6. 2 very nice non solicited compliments I received about my new bangs, NOT from my husband!!

7. The thing I am most thankful for on this Thursday evening is my bed....g'night!!

09.20.10 Clean
**this is my pre trailer bed. I miss it but I'm thankful we are where we are!!**