Dear Spaghetti O's Eater,
I just spent 30 minutes cleaning the microwave and would really appreciate it if when you are heating up your food if you would cover it with a paper towel so I can save myself a half an hour a week? Also if you happen to spill some of your little tiny O's will you wipe them up so I don't have to waste another 30 min trying to unstick them from the counter and floor? And one more thing, when you are opening the can if you happen to drop the lid on the floor could you please pick it up before it becomes cemented to the floor?Thank you.

♥ Mom

Dear Gum Chewer,
I understand you enjoy the wonderful cinnamon, minty or fruity flavored goodness that a little stick of gum may bring, HOWEVER when you are finished with said stick of gum would you kindly put it in the nearest trash receptacle rather than under the counter, on the jam of your door or under the kitchen table. Thank you.

♥ Mom

Dear Girl with a pencil,
You are an amazing artist. Your ability to create wonderful master pieces in pencil, paint and crayon never cease to amaze me. But if it wouldn't be too much trouble would you mind not drawing on my furniture. Your father works hard to have money so we may buy nice things and I work very hard to maintain the upkeep of said furniture so that we may live in a house that is nice. If the urge to draw so strikes at a moment where you find yourself with out paper a simple request and paper will be provided to you. Thank you.

♥ Mom

I shall give no name to the spaghetti o's eater, gum chewer or girl with pencil so as to maintain her anonymity, she knows who she is and hopefully will change her behavior.

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Staci Leach said...

does this "no name" read your blog? Maybe you should print this and post it on the pantry door!