Bartholomew and the Oobleck

We have the funnest kindergarten teacher. We have been celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday all week and Mrs. Cefelli (♥ you, I know your reading and you still need to send me your blog address so I can read yours!) sent home with each kid a bag of their very own OOBLECK! Now normally I would see a bag of goo and toss it as soon as the kid had his head turned but in my efforts to "enjoy" (my word for the year) I let the 2 yougers play, I got in there a bit too and had fun until I set my camera down in a blob of goo. Luckily all that is involved with this stuff is corn starch and water. It super cool, you can touch it quickly and it's hard or let your fingers sink right into it! I had made this for a cub scout pack meeting ages ago and remembered how fun this stuff was, messy but fun!

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Melanie said...

Evan loves to tell people that he shares a birthday with Dr. Seuss. Good job enjoying the gunk!