10 on Tuesday

You guys seem to really like my 10 on Tuesday posts so I will continue with bearing my soul (and dorkyness) to you once again this day!

1. I spent this morning in the doctors office with Bonnie. A really bad ear infection and a really bad upper respiratory infection. Dr. Rob reprimanded me for not giving her breathing treatments before it got this bad. She is currently in her bed barking up a storm trying to sleep. I makes my heart ache when she's so sick like this.

2. My house is being over run with paper airplanes. No loose piece of paper are safe from the folding of Brett and Colby.

3. I have never been so ready for summer EVER! (except for the swim suit part, I've never been more NOT ready for summer in that way!)

4. Cadbury eggs are Heaven and the Devil all in one!

5. I'm reading a new series that is pretty good so far. It's the Outlander series. Have you read any of them? Let me know what you think?
03.16.10 Thanks Cindy

6. I am still in the post-wppi bliss. I am totally revamping my business and can't wait to show you all when it's done!

7. In my revamping of the business I am debating whether or not to keep the business blog and my personal blog separate. What you you all think? I like that I can connect will all of my readers over here and clients would have a chance to get to know me, but then I like that I can spill my guts over here and I probably wouldn't be able to do that if I combined them! HELP!

8. The Spaghetti O eating, Gum Chewing Girl with a pencil read my post directed to her to which she in turn vehemently denied making spaghetti o messes, sticking gum where it doesn't belong and writing on anything other than paper. What am I gonna do with that girl?

9. I am doing a just for fun photo shoot with some AMAZING photographers on Thursday at 3:00 and we are looking for models, if you are interested and can pull together an awesome outfit drop me a line and you can get some free photos! kristinconkphotography@gmail.com

10. I am totally intimidated about this photo shoot because I am going to be shooting with some of the most AMAZING photographers in Las Vegas (and one from Vegas but moved to provo dang her!) It is just for fun so really no pressure but I may be a little star struck when I go!

That's all for now thanks for stopping by! ♥ YOU!


Heather said...

Lucky....have fun on the photo shoot!

Staci Leach said...

Take Sam to the Photo Shoot and turn her into a money making model! Free Head shots and a great looking girl! Sounds like a winning combo to me!

Kirsten said...

I love your 10 on Tuesday, but have been checking the blogs from my phone lately, and it is a pain to comment from the phone :)Have fun on your photo shoot. If you ever need a model, my sister Kelly has fabulous clothes. Can't wait until I can start borrowing her clothes again. The Reese's peanut butter eggs are my weakness...