Thankful Thursday

*A random list of things I am thankful for today*

1. Downton Abby - if your not watching...you should! You can watch season one on Netflix and Season 2 has aired 3 episodes. You can watch those if you follow the link!

2. Access to 2 washers and dryers. Makes laundry day go so much quicker!

3. 2-3 hours naps 4-5 days a week.


4. The new Tinkerbell movie I downloaded for Bonnie that has kept her entertained for 3 days now.

5. These curlers so I can put them in at night and then I don't have to curl hair at 5am on game days.

6. Starbucks hot chocolate in a can. I'm down to my last can and Costco doesn't have it anymore. I may have a meltdown!

What are you thankful for??


Heather said...

That is the most precious picture of Bonnie! Gasp, you're out of hot chocolate. What will you do? We tried those curlers, they are awesome, but Lauren hates sleeping in them, she says it's not worth it. Good thing Sam doesn't issues with them:) Plus we had to buy a funky curled hairpiece for competitions. What's with cheerleading these days?

Heidi said...

I keep hearing about that show - I must check it out.

And I actually had a container of that Starbucks hot chocolate I bought during the holidays and wanted to try it. Now I'm realizing I used it as a last minute neighbor gift and now I can't try it :(

You asked what I'm thankful for, so I'll post too :)

Heather M. said...

i think this photo totally qualifies for the tired challenge. ;) it's all good. love how peaceful she looks.