10 on Tuesday

1. Totally blogging from my iapd...yeah baby! Only prob is I can't upload pics from here so I'll have to do that later! The spell corrector is a bit of a bugger too, it keeps telling me when I type devin that I should be typing devil!!

2. Terry and I went down to Borders at Town Square to have Laura Ingraham sign her new book. We waited in line for an hour an stood by her while she signed our books for a total of 3.2 seconds. It was still pretty cool to see her up close!

07.27.10 Laura Ingraham

3. Preparations for the Popsicle stand are almost complete. We should be up and running by Thursday or Friday. We have 4 flavors of homemade Popsicles so far. With all of the sampling going on around here I'm afraid we won't have anything to sell when it comes time! Here's a little peek at what we've been doing to get it ready...it will be epic!


4 If you were to buy a Popsicle at a roadside stand what flavors would you like to buy?

5. We ar planning a trip to get out of town the week before school starts. We can't decide between California or Utah, any opinions?

6. I just downloaded words with friends for my iPad, its pretty fun! Wanna play with me? My username is kristinconk!

7. Remember how I said I was turning over a new leaf and was vowing to be good and loose weight? Well so far I am down 2.2 lbs. I am taking it really slow because they (who ever "they" is) say that is the way to go. I have been using the My Fitness Pal app on my iPad and has really been helping. It has me on a 1200 calories a day diet, it goes up if I workout! It can be difficult at times to stay in that 1200 calories but I have on,y gone over once in the las week and that was on Friday when we went to P.F Changs for dinner and I only went over by 200 calories! I'm pretty proud of myself! 2.2 down, 27.8 more to go!

8. Can you recommend any good books for a 10 year old girl who reads at a 10 th grade level? She wants to read teenager books but I'm just not ready for that! She has read all of the books I got her for this summer which I thought would be more than enough but is apparently not!

9. Can you recommend a way to get a 12 year old boy to read? He refuses and I worry, he just doesn't like to read and I don't know how to deal with that! We have bought him books that are things he's into but still he hems and haws when we make him read! What to do, heat to do?

10. Terry kept me up all night last night so I'm going to call it good and say g'night all!


k8theriver said...

has she read the james patterson maximum ride series?

Kirsten said...

Has she read Hunger Games? My girls are obsessed with it and I loved it. When will your Popsicle stand be open for business? My kids would love some. Also, Kirstionary is my user name on Words with Friends :)Let me know if you want a workout buddy. I am trying to get off my last ten pounds after having Levi.