Why haven't I been doing this all summer?

We took the kids over to Grandie and Gramps' house to swim on Friday night. The pool was the perfect temperature. We had a hard time getting the kids out to go home.

Bonnie created this get up all by herself! She is so resourceful. She had a hard time jumping in the pool without her entire head going under so she added the blow up floatie so she could jump in and not go under... isn't she smart?

We ordered pizza for dinner, it was kind of nice not to be worrying about the dog getting out food (he's in Oregon with my parents) We did a special treat and ordered lava cakes for everybody for dessert. If you order dominoes pizza and you care at all about the size of your behind DO NOT ...i repeat...DO NOT order these, they will be your utter downfall!


I ended up with not one picture of the front side of Brett, he was to busy to stop and ham it up for the camera...I do have so great shots from our lake day we had the following day, stay tuned I will blog that later in the week!


I think I am going to do this a couple times a week we had so much fun...I even squoze (that's a word right? my computer is telling me it's not! o-well!!) my big behind into a swimsuit...no you won't ever get to see pictures of that!!


Jen Fletcher said...

Squoze!?! You are hysterical. I vote for vintage on most of them. How's that?

Heather said...

I totally love the vintage ones. And, I must know what action set they are from if you care to share :)
PS Steve says squoze all the time. The funniest is the past tense version of squoozen. Funny stuff. That made my day.

Kristin said...

Heather, they are from the set you gave me, i think it was blueberry skies!!

Staci Leach said...

I love those lava cakes. Infact they are the reason I refuse to order Dominos.

marykaye said...

i like the processed ones- just because sometimes it's nice for your eye to see something different but of course they are all fantastic!

DEVYN said...

love the pictures soooo cute