The Story of Us.

Today we celebrate 14 years of wedded bliss and to commemorate the occasion I thought I would sit down and write out my version of our story. You will laugh you will cry you will most certainly throw up in your mouth a little. Anyway here goes.

Once upon a time there were two families. The Zobrist's and the Conk's. These two families were close in every way. They spent time traveling, hanging out bar-b-quing and all other things two families that are the best of friends do together. In the Zobrist family there were three boys and 2 girls, the oldest of these girls being Kristin. The Conks were a family of fewer numbers 1 girl and 2 boys. The oldest of those boys being Terry Kay.

Terry Kay was quite a bit older than Kristin when they travelled as families to Hawaii when Kristin was 6 and Terry was 10. It was the 1984 olympics that year and we spent hours watching the summer games, deep sea fishing on the boat (though not at the same time, they were on separate "teams" and fished on separate days) but the most memorable time of that heavenly time in Hawaii was the day they built the biggest sand castle there ever was. Well Kristin didn't really get to help because when she tried to help Terry Kay YELLED at Kristin that she was ruining they "Coliseum" that was a very important part of the sand castle. She was very sad and didn't like that Terry Kay very much.

Years went on many trips to the Lake and and condo for snow skiing in Brianhead Terry and Kristin didn't really spend much time together, Terry was busy with the older boys and Kristin busy with the younger kids. When Kristin was 13 the families travelled for the first time to Lake Powell on the "Party Hut." By the time Kristin was starting to notice boys and saw Terry in a new light in his golden boy bronzed 17 year old body. She thought he was cute but way to old and wasn't really fond of the mullet he was sporting. However when Kristin was standing on the back of the Party Hut, Terry Kay came up behind her and pretended to push her in the lake by grabbing her around the waist and pushing but grabbing back at the last second so she wouldn't really fall in the lake. While I am sure in Terry Kay's eyes he was just joking around with little Kristin, inside butterflies started fluttering in Kristin's stomach and she had a hard time being around him for the rest of the trip.

Another 2 years went buy and Kristin and Terry didn't see a whole lot of each other both being busy in their separate lives but Terry being best friends with Kristin's oldest brother had the Honor of being his best man at his wedding and Kristin being the little sister was obligatorily asked to be a brides maid. Kristin has a very vivid memory of that night. Standing next to Terry Kay watching the video playing at the reception as he bragged about the pictures he had taken of the happy couple that made it into the wedding video. She thought to herself, "Man he is so cute now that he got rid of that mullet I wish I was a little bit older so he would notice me, but I'm only 15 and he would never think of me like that, I'm just the little sister!"

In the Spring of the following year Terry Kay left for his mission serving in Ireland for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. About a year in Kristin had a strong impression to write Terry a letter to which she completely ignored due to her complete self centeredness that most 16 year old girls have and never wrote that letter. She went on her merry teenaged life and never gave it another thought. Later it was revealed that Kristin's older brother had sent some pictures of Kristin holding her new nephew to which Terry finally noticed that Kristin wasn't a little girl any more.

On a very warm summer evening in May, Kristin was called home from a friends house and told that were were going to the airport to see Terry Kay come home from his mission. There may have been some prompting to "get cute" from her mother but she didn't really worry about it, just put on her shortest pair of shorts and hopped into the back of the suburban. Now what that mother was thinking telling her 17 year old daughter to "get cute" for a 21 year old MAN it is still to be questioned but it's all history now. There was a rather large group assembled at the gate that night and turned out that Kristin just so happened to be placed smack dab in front in the middle of the group so that she and her short short wearing long legs were the first thing Terry Kay saw after two years in a foreign country. Not a bad start.

More than usual the Conk's and the Zobrist's seemed to spend a lot of time together that summer. Kristin had just graduated from high school and was getting ready to head up to Utah to get her education in the art of...well, hair!! There were lots of trips to the lake and bar-b-ques, and it seemed like every other day there was some reason the two families collided with one another. Kristin flirted tirelessly to no avail, apparently all that growing up she did still wasn't quite enough for Terry to take notice. Then the annual trip to Lake Powell happened. This year was different than in years past because the families (now owning a house boat) decided to spend 2 full weeks in the sun at the lake that year. Right there on the back of the houseboat and the tip of Face Canyon Kristin fell, and fell hard as Terry sang as he played his guitar all of the Irish ballads he had learned across the ocean, and a few not so irish songs as well!! Now how could any girl resist a REALLY cute guy that sings and plays the guitar. She proceeded to pull out all the stops, offering to give back/feet rubs, prancing around in her favorite short shorts and flirting tirelessly. Terry seemed interested but a bit apprehensive. On the way home when there seemed to be nobody to ride home with Terry in his truck Kristin hopped in and snagged the empty seat. Conversation came easily to them, they talked of music, Terry's mission and Kristin's up coming plans head to Utah in the fall. Things seemed to Kristin to be on the right track. Over the proceeding weeks she came to eat at the Country Inn (the families restaurant where Terry had been hired on as a manager) far too often in hopes of seeing him again. She brought him brownies and did everything she could to get him to ask her out...NADA, ZIP, ZILCH!

A few more weeks went by and Kristin invited herself on an overnight trip to lake mead with Terry and his cousin and his wife. We had a great time, did lots more flirting but STILL...NOTHING! Then Kristin's brother (Terry's best friend) was planning a trip to Disneyland and they both planned to go to. "This will be the telling time, either he likes me or he doesn't and then I move on" Kristin thought to herself. She just tried to be herself and enjoy the trip and let what may happen happen. It didn't, not right at first anyway. After 2 days in the happiest place on earth Kristin got up enough nerve to make her move. While riding on splash mountain she laid back on him and put his arms around her. He didn't take them off and that was a good sign. Not much happened the rest of the trip except Terry promised in the car on the way home that he would take her out for her 18th birthday coming up the next week. His family went out of town and she finagled herself a real date just the two of them the night before her birthday to see a movie. That night was the REAL START of it all, Just after midnight Terry kissed Kristin goodnight, she didn't let it ruin the mood when he told her that it felt like he was kissing his sister, she knew what she wanted and finally had it in her grasp and she wasn't letting go. They saw each other almost every day for the next few weeks until Kristin was to leave for Utah.

A long distance relationship was started, hundreds of dollars were spent on phone bill and gas money. In November when Kristin came home for the Thanksgiving weekend they took the saturday after the holiday to go skiing up in Brianhead. As they swished down the slopes Kristin surprised Terry with her mad skills on the snow. She sure knew how to work it in her purple stretch pants! Again it was later revealed that Terry knew she was the one for him when he got to the bottom of the hill and turned to watch her come down only to find that she was right behind him all the way, shredding up the slopes!!

With Valentines coming up Terry had made his choice, He would pop the question. A drive up the hills to Redrock, a romantic view of the city, a guitar in tow, Terry proceeded to make Kristin an offer she couldn't refuse. The question was popped and Kristin was ecstatic. Terry's birthday being just a few days before Valentines day and being a Conk was having a birthday party (Conk's always have birthday parties you see, it's kinda a Conk thing "cake & ice cream") When the festivities settled down and we all sat around recovering from the sugar comas that were induced from a delicious cake Terry piped up and said "Hey Kristin why don't you show everybody what I gave you for Valentines day" It was then that she pulled a ring from her pocket and put it on that third finger on her left hand. The gaggle of people there sat astounded, no one had expected that. After the jaws were picked up off the floor the official merging of the Conk's and Zobrist's began. And they lived happily ever after...for at least 14 years anyways.

Well if you made it though our story I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did reliving those moments I haven't thought about in quite sometime. To most it probably isn't a fairy tail but it is to me. Terry and I believe that we have something a lot of couples out there don't have and that is movie love. You know the kind that just makes you sick to watch on the big screen, the kind that just doesn't seem possible. Well I'm hear to tell you it is possible because I have it with the most amazingly wonderful man that roams this earth today. Feel free to go throw up now!!


Anonymous said...

That is such a good story... although... what was your mother thinking!? ;)

I think if you expanded this story by a couple hundred pages you have something akin to Jamie & Claire's story! ;)

Gerry Zobrist said...

I don't remember Terry K ever asking for your hand in marriage. That's ok we are glad he is part of our family!!!!
We love you and your whole family thanks for the story!,,,
Love Dad

Melanie said...

Very sweet to read your love story! Happy anniversary.

Lisa said...

wow! i had no idea you were throwing out all your moves! how could he resist you? i'm glad you didn't listen to me at lake powell!

Janae said...

What a fun story to read! I think you have a great talent in writing:) happy anniversary to you guys. It sounds like your hubby needs to talk to your dad;)

Jill said...

Wow you are determined little thing. I have to give your husband props for resisting at first so he didn't seem like a creepy R.M. chasing 17 year old booty.

Staci Leach said...

So Funny! I had no clue about ALL the pre-dating stuff. After all, I was the little sister that no goods on you! So Glad it turned out the way it did. After all, can you imagine him not giving into your seduction? So glad you were so persistant!

Blog Dog said...

We haven't read your blog for sometime. We really enjoyed the story and marveled at your writeing ability. The rest of the story however still hasn't been written. What's wonderful to note is that It means alot to us that you love Terry so much.As parents we hope and dream that our children will experience the great love we have for each other. Kristin we Love you and always have. We have always considered the Zobs as our family. What you and Terry have done is secure it for the Eternities.Thats the rest of the story.

Blog Dog said...

We haven't read your blog for sometime. We ejoyed your story and marveled at your writeing abilities. We as parents are so pleased that our childrens spouses love them so much. We hope they experience the great Love we have for each other. We Love you Kristin and have always considered the Zobs as family. What You and Terry have done is secured it for the Eternities.