10 on Tuesday

1. I have turned over a new leaf. When I got home from Oregon I avoided the scale like the plague because I knew when I finally took the plunge to get up on the thing it wouldn't be pretty. I was right. I hit an all time high and low all in the same moment. High because when I stood on the scale it started singing "Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady". Low because I have never felt so bad about my body, I used to be the skinny one!! I will be again, I hope you guys don't get sick of hearing about it because I will document my progress here!!

2. I downloaded this app for my iPad in hopes of paying more attention to what goes in my mouth so that these days of being the fattest I have ever been will soon be over. It calculates how many calories you should eat by using an equation of how much you want to loose, your age, sex, exercise habits and how much you want to loose per week. It also tracks what you eat during the day and tells you how many calories you have left. IT's pretty cool, and FREEEEE! You all know how I feel about free!!!

3. I ran on my treadmill for 45 mins today. Do you know how hard it is to run on the treadmill when you have punk kids running around? I think I was actually on the treadmill for 45 mins but add another 15 for stops and getting off to tells kids to do their chores! The 45 mins did go rather quickly though I have to say because I am reading a great book on my iPad.
07.20.10 SPT-A New Day

4. Have I told you how much I love my Ipad???

5. Brett left yesterday morning for scout camp. Not sure quite how I feel about it yet. This is the first time he has ever been away from home without us or family member. My house is definitely quieter. But I miss him. I am worried he will be homesick. I hope he gets along well with the other boys and is respectful and helpful to the leaders. Most of all though, I hope he has fun!

6. The other kids (minus Bonnie) are staying at my brothers house tonight. My house will be REALLY quiet with only a 2 year old who goes to bed at 8:30 here. What ever will I do with all that peace?

7. I really want a bowl of ice cream and my calorie counter tells me I can have 135 more calories for the day but I think I will be strong and forego it. Maybe.

8. Way back on Memorial Day, Terry was wrestling with his nephew Kyle who is 15 and built like a bull. A few days later he finally went to the ER because we thought he might have a broken rib, it was only bruised but apparently that can be more painful. Here we are almost 2 months later and he can't sneeze with out clutching his side and gasping in pain. Poor guy! It just won't heal...anybody out there have a remedy for a bruised rib??

9. My kids have a plan for a homemade popsicle stand. I have been looking up recipes for homemade popsicles, it's not helping the whole diet thing!

10. We took the kids to the lake on Saturday. It was the first time I have been on our boat for 4 years. It was really fun, the kids want to make it a weekly occurrence, I wouldn't mind, except for the swimsuit part!!

I'm sleepy and I want some ice cream, I think I will just go to bed as my former roommate and current sister in law used say, "if your hungry just go to bed" I guess is works because she has never been above a size 4!!



Lisa said...

wow! you must have a wise sis-in-law! hee hee. i think i need to take my own advice more often. i've been straying from the diet but you have remotivated me. i better go to bed before i eat a fudgescicle!

Jeanna Hayes said...

I. LOVE. YOUR. BLOG. There! I said it! I get so happy when my google reader says that you've posted something!
Can I get some writing lessons? How come the only thing I can ever think to say on my blog is...

"We had a great time!"
"____ is so fun!"
"Going to _______ is always such a blast..."

Ummm, can we say "generic?" :) So you GO Kristin! With your awesome writing skills :)