Alternate Processing....I need your opinions

****I processed these pictures how I normally do and I did a little vintage action on the other post...tell me what you think, which do you like better! (I'm pretending that you care here so humor me all right!!****

We took the kids over to Grandie and Gramps' house to swim on Friday night. The pool was the perfect temperature. We had a hard time getting the kids out to go home.

Bonnie created this get up all by herself! She is so resourceful. She had a hard time jumping in the pool without her entire head going under so she added the blow up floatie so she could jump in and not go under... isn't she smart?

We ordered pizza for dinner, it was kind of nice not to be worrying about the dog getting out food (he's in Oregon with my parents) We did a special treat and ordered lava cakes for everybody for dessert. If you order dominoes pizza and you care at all about the size of your behind DO NOT ...i repeat...DO NOT order these, they will be your utter downfall!


I ended up with not one picture of the front side of Brett, he was to busy to stop and ham it up for the camera...I do have so great shots from our lake day we had the following day, stay tuned I will blog that later in the week!


I think I am going to do this a couple times a week we had so much fun...I even squoze (that's a word right? my computer is telling me it's not! o-well!!) my big behind into a swimsuit...no you won't ever get to see pictures of that!!


Melanie said...

I love all the pool pictures. I think the ones in this post look a bit more vibrant and I like that better.

k8theriver said...

i like them both. i know that doesn't help but they are different looks.

itsgrumpycookie said...

I like the normal pictures best because the colors are so vivid.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristin! I love reading your blog and looking at your fantastic pictures. I am jealous every time I look at them. I prefer the 2nd set of pics (the originals)


Lisa Imlay said...

Hey Kris, I like the second set. The skin tones are better. You take such fun pictures. I need to get my butt in gear.

Marianne said...

I really like them both! But I would have to choose one I would chose the original ones because I like how the colors are brighter and pop out more. All of the pics are so cute! :)

Janae said...

First of all, thank you for answering all my too many questions the other day:)
also, of course i love all of the pictures. i do tend to agree with the rest of the group that the originals are brighter. Is that helpful at all? i think the vintage is cool though, reminds me of 1970's.

Jeanna Hayes said...

I'm leaning toward the more "processed" ones! Shocker, eh? :) They're gorgeous!