10 on Tuesday

1. We have had what I consider a major success with the popsicle stand. Samantha made $56 in sales and tips, she even managed to sell half of her peanut butter and Jelly sandwich. We have plans to open shop again on Saturday from 12:00-4:00pm. Stop by to enjoy the deliciousness!

2. My hair is really long right now. I haven't had it cut since November. It was breezy yesterday and a gust blew up just as I stepped into and shut the car door. A small lock of hair got caught in the door. It hurt. Guess it's time for a haircut!

3. It's August. It's usually my favorite month but this year I have mixed feelings about it!Photobucket

4. My messy house just might (or may have all ready) caused a nervous break down. I did really good with schedules and chores the first part of the summer but it has since all gone out the window. I need to get back to that because it really makes me a much more pleasant person to be around.

5. I had the opportunity to attend a photoshoot put together in a class set up by the amazing Jeanna Hayes, I mentioned it before but I could have never imagined the time and talent that went into this, I am going to blog about it tomorrow but here is a little taste!

6. I really want to go se Charlie St. Cloud but it is a "chick flick" according to Terry, so I just may have to go see it myself! I saw the previews in the theatre and cried...IN THE PREVIEW! I'm not really much of a fan of cry movies but I am a fan of Zac Efron so I will gladly wipe the makeup off my face pack up my box of kleenex and spend some time blowing my nose to see this movie. Who's with me? (Don't all jump at once, I know I just made that sound SOOO appealing that you all want to go with me!)

7. I did a newborn session yesterday and this baby was the sweetest thing EVER...she gets it from her mom!!


8. I am totally addicted to words with friends. I have like 8 games going right now! Have I mentioned that I ♥ my iPad?

9. A photographer friend did a trade with their orthodontist. A year of photos/portraits for braces on her son...any orthodontist's out there want to make a trade? Both Sam and Brett are in such need of them but we just can't afford them right now!

10. I need a vacation. The end.

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Kirsten said...

I am sad we missed your popsicle stand. It was Diddy's birthday party that day. I'm a horrible words with friends partner. I never have time to sit down and play a game. Don't hate me!