A Day at the Lake

At approximately 10:00pm on Friday night we got a wild hair to take the boat out for a run on Saturday morning. It being the inaugural run of the summer we decided it better just be us rather than inviting friends to come. While the boat ran GREAT was rather hot. We got to the lake about 10:30 in the morning and I had the LONGEST walk in the history of walks back to the boat after we launched the boat and I parked the truck. Well I take that back it was the second longest walt the longest was the hike back up to get the truck when it was time to load up and go!! The kids were i the water the entire day, that water was so nice, maybe 5 degrees too warm but still refreshing. Terry brought some scuba/snorkel gear was on the boat and the kids had fun with the flippers mask and snorkel. Sam thought the booties were the perfect accessory to top off her polka dot suit and little yellow bucket!


The kids didn't do much digging in the sand because it was just to dang hot.


When we got to the beach I opened the ice chest only to find that all the ice had melted all ready. Did I mention it was hot? So Terry and Sam hopped on the boat and ran back to the marina to get a bag of ice. when they got back Terry was just flat tired, he plopped down in the chair and didn't move for like an hour other than to jump in the lake to cool off! Check out the reflection in his glasses, pretty cool eh?


There was the great fight over the blue fins (mine) because they were small and could fit the kids. Brett kindly posed for a few shots in his gear...I'm thinking we need to get this kid certified so he can be his dad's diving buddy.


Bonnie didn't go into the water unless Terry or I were in so she just hung right at the edge and filled her swimsuit to the brim with silty sand that has stained her swimsuit black!


We took a drive out to the dam before we headed back. I have never seen so much of the back side of the thing. The waster is so low. It was really cool to see the progress on the bridge though. Brett has been bugging us for a months to drive out to see it, this was way better than making that drive! I think it is supposed to be open in September, maybe we'll make the drive then so we can go across.


All in all it was a great day at the lake, and we all took home a souvenir. SUNBURNS. Apparently 3 applications in a 6 hour period is not enough when you are in the water constantly and melting when in the sun!


Janae said...

sounds like a very hot, but fun trip! I can't believe the ice in the cooler melted...that's hot! Great pictures:)

Terry said...

It was hot enough that a soda can exploded from the heat. The temperature was 116 at Callville...

Amy said...

The bridge is pretty crazy... our last trip to vegas we crossed the dam at 2 in the morning and paige woke up long enough to say wow thats a big bridge and then go back to sleep. Your lake trip looks fun. I miss lake trips!