Welcome to CANDYLAND!!

We celebrated Bonnie and Cooper's 1st birthday yesterday. (Bonnie won't actually be 1 until the 25th!) we mad a grand theme for the party and CANDYLAND was a hit. The kids had a blast. The Coons allowed us to have the party at Nanny Coons house which was just a perfect place for a party.

We enter the scene through Lolly Pop Lane...

The tables were adorned with Lolly pop flower arrangements and polka dot table cloths.

This is the candy buffet. I hope all the parents were able to contain their "sugared up" kiddos!!

The Birthday girl in her Birthday shirt!! The front said "Birthday girl"

She wouldn't stay out of the dirt!! The little stinker.

The birthday boy!! Both babies were so tired from lack of naps but they were troopers and stuck it out til cake.
Which leads us to CAKE.

1. "Happy birthday to you"
2. "OOOO Cake!"
3. "Hey Coop, Check out the pink one it's really good"
4. "Mom....Bonnie put cake on my face!"
5. "Get it off, Get it off!"
6. " What? What did I do?"
8. "I need some milk to wash this puppy down!!"
A wonderful time was had by all and I am really sad it is over. Most people would be relieved but I mourn after every party because I so enjoy planning and executing it!! I think of all the parties I have thrown this one has been my favorite!!


k8theriver said...

poor cooper has pink eye.

Shannon said...

Ah yes, the candy buffet... Would this be why 24 hours later my children are still bouncing off the walls??? It was awesome & I was happy to walk off with a bag of peanut m&m's!

Lisa said...

I...uh...I mean the kids have really enjoyed eating all the candy:) The party was great fun!

The Young's said...

This was such a fun idea! My kids haven't stopped talking about it, and my dentist has been called for cleanings later this month. You and Jamie did a beautiful job we had a wonderful time!

Mark & Melanie said...

Oh, I'm so sad we didn't get to play! I want to see more pictures & hear more details, because I know you have them! I can't wait to play "copy cat." Luvs - Mel

JENNIE! said...

what a wonderful idea!!