A Farewell

My Grandpa Zobrist passed away today, and since you read my blog you know I am NOT a writer. My wonderful cousin LaRae however is. She has written a lovely post on her blog that sums up Grandpa to a T!
Here is the link to read about Big "Z"
LaRae's Blog
Farewell Grandpa. You will be missed.


Kirsten said...

I am really sorry to hear about your Grandpa, Kris. That was a really nice post by your cousin. Everytime I eat a hostess cupcake, I think of you. You always had the Hostess "hook-up". I remember our food tent at camp was always stocked with twinkies and cupcakes!

LaRae said...

Kristin - you're sweet! I enjoyed writing about grandpa today. I am sure I will see you on Tuesday. Love you -LaRae

slimnsom said...

I remember the food tent! Sorry about your Grandpa Kristin! GIve your dad a squeeze for me and tell him I'm sorry!


LaRae said...

Kristin - I just put up a quick blog post that I need my cousins to read ASAP!