My Attempt

So if you read my tag a few days ago it said that one of my wishes was that I was a funner Mom. This is something that I struggle with A LOT!! Terry gets to be the fun guy because he doesn't have to say do your homework, clean your room, practice your instrument, don't put your shoes on the ceiling of my car (long story, lets hope Paulo can get shoe prints off car interior roof upholstery) But I digress, I have had a goal for a while now to do more fun things with my kids so that is the stuff they remember of when they were kids, not the "clean you room." This summer I had a great idea to make a summer fun jar so we would have fun things to do and not get to bored this summer, well needless to say between a month of packing, 4 weeks in Oregon and a month of unpacking we just didn't get to it. And it was so dang cute, we were gonna do really fun stuff like go to Mad Hatter cupcakes and have a delicious treat. We were gonna make cookies and brownies and lots of cool stuff, but it just didn't happen. I'll save it for next summer. So as I contemplated what I could do to make a fun memory for my kids, I remember I had my treat jar....which up until this point hasn't gone so well, when it was full of candy I just had to get mad and say stay out of the candy, when there was goldfish in it there was goldfish trails throughout my house. So as I got out my cute jar I thought and thought and then it hit me. You know that awesome PAR-TAY we just threw with all the candy...yeah we had a BIT (understatement) left over so I called Jamie and said hey can I have some of to 30 lbs. of left over gumballs for my treat jar...... and so voila a "treat" that you only need one of!! maybe someday my kids will be sitting around the dinner table on a Sunday as their kids run around and say, "remember the gumball jar" "Yeah that was fun" sad I know but these are the things I think about as my kids get older. I hoe my kids have lots of good memories of our house when they grow up and i pray that they forget all of the bad ones!!


Janae said...

I love your gumball jar! I think it is a great idea:)
It is hard as mom's to find the balance of fun/ and do your homework! I struggle with it everyday.
I also loved your post on the funeral...great,beautiful photos. It was great to see everyone, and remember Grandpa at the same time.
Also, I love the photo tag...I want to do that one:)

k8theriver said...

my kids will surely have some memories of mom losing her patience.
dan's dad is a dentist so, no gumball treats. plus, stella swallows it.

Angie said...

Super cute! I have no idea how you get such a cute picture of a jar, but...maybe I'll figure it out someday. I am sitting here chuckling over the feet on the ceiling of the car. I love those mom moments when you have to say things you never thought would be necessary.

Melanie said...

You mean I'm supposed to be FUN too? Oh no!! I love the gumball jar. What a great idea from a great mom!

Staci Leach said...

When you told me about it I thought NO WAY! but now that I see it maybe I could keip some of those for my huge jar full of nothing! Candy gets me fat but gumballs...I can resist!