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Katie tagged me with this fun tag. It's a photo tag... So, what you do is open your fourth folder of pictures and post the fourth photo. For me I had to open the 4th folder and then the 4th folder in that folder and then I had to use the 5th picture which was the same as the 4th picture but it wasn't blurry (it seems I need to go through my folders and do some weeding!)

This picture is from our 2005 recital for piano and violin. It was Sam's first recital for people other than just our family and the family of her teachers other student. Samantha looks so little in this picture but that is because she WAS so little, she was almost 6 and still in kindergarten. Man I miss those days. We bought this Christmas dress for this performance which matched Brett in his dashing burgundy shirt and tie. We held the recital at my mom and dad's house. It was my favorite recital to this point, probably because it was at mom & dad's and it was all decked out for Christmas. HMMM I just had an idea, I'll have to clear it with mom and dad though!

I'm tagging anyone who wants to do this really fun tag!!

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Melanie said...

May I please have a copy of that picture? Send it to melaniejlarsen@gmail.com. Those were definitely days to remember. I can hear her now. And BTW I'm honored to make your blog :) ...-K- Do it now so I don't have to bug you ;)