8 Things I did today...

1. Got kids off to school with out losing my temper (small victories)

2. Bought Bonnie's Halloween costume (pic to come soon)

3. Target shopped (ice cream sundae's for young men & diapers)

4. Made delicious beef stew for dinner

5. Blogged in a quiet house (love afternoon naps)

6. Picked up kids from school

7. Violin lesson with Sam

8. Dance class with Sam

8 Shows I love (in no particular order)

1. Survivor

2 Heroes

3. Criminal Minds

4. The Office (you should hear my ring tone on my cell)

5. Burn Notice (USA)

6. Psych (USA)

7. Monk (USA)

8. The Soup (E!)

8 Restaurants I love

1. Geisha Steak House

2. Cheesecake Factory

3. P.F.Changs/Pei Wei

4. Olive Garden

5. Macaroni Grill

6. Claim Jumper

7. Famous Dave's

8. Outback

If there was one restaurant I wish I could put on here it would be Country Inn but since they are no more I just have my memories..... Remember with me........mmmmm scones......mmmmmm rolls..........mmmmmmm ribs..............mmmmmm turkey vegetable soup................mmmmmmm french dip, But I digress

8 Things I am looking forward to.......

1. FIJI BABY (jan 09)

2. Tuachan (2 weeks)

3. Dumont (3 weeks)

4. The end of the economic crisis (Terry is helping me a bit)

5. Someday no longer having to change poopy diapers or wash out nasty bottles!

6. Pedicure with Michelle (tomorrow YEAH!!!!)

7. Having time to watch all of the shows on my Tivo!! (probably not until sunday WAHHH)

8. Sleep, (in about 30 min)

8 things I am wishing for.......

1. The 15 lbs. that just won't go AWAY!

2. A backyard

3. Crown molding in my room (I am tired of the purple stripe at the top of my lovely blue paint)

4. A baby grand piano for my pianist(Brett) to play church hymns on.

5. Energy

6. Some self control ( in oh so many ways)

7. A happy home with NO MORE YELLING! (*see #6)

8. To be a funner Mom. I want to laugh with my kids more. Any help??

8 People I Tag

1. Staci

2. Melanie H.

3. Heather A.

4. Angie J. (still waiting for my invite!!!)

5. Carol W. because she hasn't blogged in FOREVER!

6. Mitch because he is a blogger too!

7. Maddie Z. It's time to post little woman (and take off the makeup)

8. Shannon Z.

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