A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was the funeral of My dear Grandfather Herman A. Zobrist. We began the day with some words from my great uncle (grandpa's youngest brother) and a lovely family prayer by Uncle Phil. During the service we heard from Aunt Muff (my dad's twin) Aunt Anne, my Dad and Uncle Duane. We had a musical number from my cousins and the great grand children sang A Child's Prayer. It was a wonderful service. We proceeded to the cemetery where my Uncle Ken dedicated the grave, and then back to the church for a delicious lunch put on by the Relief Society. I tried to get some pictures of the flowers because I knew grandpa would appreciate that!! He like to take nature pictures!!
Grandpa was a naval soldier in WWII (on a sub, isn't that cool!)
This sweet little boy allows me to be his mother.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of these lashes.


averett's said...

What awesome pictures you took! It was so good to see everyone. It's unfortunate that it took a funeral to do it though!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the great pictures Kristin!