The Princesses

Since Bonnie went to a friends birthday party who had Cinderella there, MONTHS ago, she has been telling everyone when she has a party she is going to have Cinderella at her party. Fortunately for me I happen to have a niece who's a dead ringer for the princess herself. When I asked Kirsta if she would be able to come and play the part my other sweet niece Austyn jumped up and said she wanted to come be a princess too. So We had both sleeping Beauty AND Cinderella at the party. They were so sweet with the other little princesses, The took a picture with each and every princess at the party, and even some of the adults too. A big thanks to my favorite nieces! Love you girls!


Last party post tomorrow, just a few of the details that I haven't posted yet!


Lisa Heuer Photography said...

You just won "mother of the year" for sure!

Katie Morgan said...

How SWEET is this!!! Love it!