Celebrating Aunt Annie


As I mentioned in my last T on T post my Aunt Annie passed away last week. I had the opportunity to drove down to Southern California with my parents and sister to go to her funeral. It was so wonderful. The flowers were amazing.


Annie was an amazing quilter. The family had collected quilt that she had made throughout the years and had them on display. I wish I had gotten a picture of it my my cousin's 12 year old son was over lovin on one of the quilts hanging up, it was so sweet.


It was good to see lots of family, I took more of a voyeuristic approach to getting the shots because no one wanted to have their picture taken!


Annie had requested that she wanted Balloons and Peanut M&M's (because they have protein) at her funeral, I would call it more of a celebration of Life though. All 5 of Annie's children spoke during the service each of them talking about a different gospel principle that she exemplified. At the gravesite the grave was dedicated and then we did a balloon release, it was beautiful The sun was at the perfect spot to just light up the balloons as the went up.


It was great to see everyone and celebrate the life of an exceptional woman.



Melanie said...

Beautiful Kristin! I even forgive you for making me bawl. :) Seriously, you are such an amazing photographer. My Dad was so happy with the pictures. He is emailing the link to your blog to everyone.

Scott and Denise said...

Kristin, the pictures are beautiful. Thank you for all of your sweet words. It was so nice to see you. I hope all of us can see each other soon under happier circumstances. Great pictures!

Marianne said...

These are amazing pictures. Thanks for taking them so that we can all remember the special day.

Heather said...

These are beautiful!
You did an awesome job.
I love the idea of a balloon release.