If you post it they will come!

I have found that statement to be very true. My stats drop like Obama's poll numbers when I am not posting regularly. It has been such a busy few weeks around here. Here's what I've been up to this week...in bullet points, because I think bullets point look real official and make it seem like thinks are more important than they really are.

  • Photographed my 6th (and WEIRDEST) wedding in 6 weeks.

  • Designed, ordered, received and hand delivered invites for Bonnie's Party.

  • Planned and shopped for party supplies...the food table is gonna ROCK!!

  • Planned a primary lesson.

  • Made cupcakes for primary class

  • Scrubbed down entire house only to have it become a complete disaster an hour later.

Here are a few things that I had planned this week that just didn't get done...again in bullet points because I love them.

  • Washed, folded and put away all the laundry.

  • Blogged my Thankful Thursday and 10 on Tuesday.

  • Practiced piano with Colby.

  • Sent out e-mails with the details for our mini-sessions.

  • Made bread.

  • Cooked dinner.
  • Booked the last of our mini sessions. (grab up the last spots for your chance and half off)

In other news, the Colbster lost his first tooth, he's pretty cute with that hole in his mouth!

10.15.10 A member of the club!

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Shalae said...

Bullet points are hugely underrated. I think I will start using them more often as well, that is if I ever start blogging more than once every two weeks. (It could happen . . .)
Also, we are excited for Bonnie's party. Ella's looking for any party where she can dress up!