Guess Who's 3

We celebrated Bonnie's 3rd birthday on Monday with the biggest and bestest Princess Birthday Bash EVER!! A big part in my absence around here over the past couple weeks was the planning and executing of this party! If you have ever been to a party thrown by yours truly then you know that I have a tendency to go overboard. It can get a bit ridiculous. I LOVE throwing parties and would have one ever other month if we could afford it. Bonnie's party was no different. After attending a princess party for a friend from church Bonnie exclaimed that she would be having a Princess Party too. And a Princess Party was had in the grandest of ways I know. In an effort to make it look like my blog is fresh with recent postings I will break up the party in to sections. The fact that Candace came to be the photographer and blew through an 8gig memory card may have given me some work to do on editing but I'll get through it! First up...the invites that were hand delivered by Bonnie herself and a little help from Colby!


Stop in tomorrow when I'll show you the details of the dessert table and table settings!

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k8theriver said...

i LOVE planning parties. unfortunately i'm not as good at executing them.
the invite reminds me...do you still have chloe's version? if so, when you've recovered, could you turn it into a thank you card? just delete all the text and add "thank you". then i will send one to you!
can't wait to see the party pics.