April 365 Recap

Since so many of us doing the 365 project have hit a slump of sorts Wendy suggested that we do an Alphabet challenge for inspiration for the month of April. It was fun and helped find new inspiration as I plug on through this project.


A-Amazing Photographer. B-Bath and the Best Book Series Ever. C-Conference and Crocheting. D-Destroyed. E-Eating at the Cracked Egg. F-Fabulous Posing by Lesli. G-Groom's Jacket. H-Hard Labor. I-Ice Cream. J-Just Me. K-Kissey Face. L-Listening.
M-Magical. N-New Bed. O-Orangutan. P-Proper Self Portrait. Q-Quiet Time. R-Red Robin. S-Shopping. T-Together. U-Up. V-Violin. W-Wind. X-Xylophone. Z-Zobrist Boy


Janae said...

This is a great recap! I want to try your book because that picture makes it look so fun and relaxing:)

Jeanna Hayes said...

I. LOVE. THIS. Wow. I loved every single one (ok, ok, maybe "F," "M," and "P" were my very favorites! :) But they were all truly fantastic!
And I love your perspective on "S!" So creative! You are very talented, Kristen!!!!

P.S. The owl bed??? To die for.