10 on Tuesday Interwebs Style

1. There have been some really cool stuff out there on the interwebs lately so I thought I would share some of it with you here.

2. I posted this on Facebook and it has been everywhere but if you have been living under a rock for the past week I will post it because EVERYONE needs to see it! I have been following Nie Nie since before her accident and she was an inspiration to me long before she had her accident and now she is even more inspiring!

3. I am second shooting another wedding for an amazing photographer from Arizona. Her name is Melissa Jill and she does some beautiful work, If you need a wedding photographer, you should definitely give her a call. I am super excited to shoot alongside her! You can see her website here.

4. These are my status updates from facebook for the last week...

Delicious breakfast, Delicious dinner, a house full of busy bees cleaning up the mess and hopefully I will smell chocolate wafting my way soon! What a wonderful Mother's Day thanks to my baby daddy! ♥ You babe!

Bonnie age 2 asked her daddy if she can "go wis you daddy?" when she is told no she runs to mommy and says " I go wis you mommy, daddy said yes" SHE'S 2! I'm scared for when she' 15!

Friday -
Luv-It makes me a happy girl!

2 newborns in 2 day, I'm pooped!


5. This is Terry's activity on Facebook for the last month...

Me and the kids were making a treat for mothers day. Bonnie runs up stairs to Kristin and whispers, "mom, we're having chocolate cake. You have to be quiet. Shh."

He may not post all that often but when he does it's a doosey!

6. Look what I learned to do today

Just roll your mouse over the picture to see what it does! Cool huh, you think, oh lookie there a cute little Bonnie and then BAM! she stickin her tongue out at you!! She's still cute though!

7. I learned that neato trick over on The Pioneer Woman's blog here.

8. I started a Facebook page for my photography, you can show you like me HERE! What? I posted that as my #9 on last weeks 10 on tuesday, well I guess I'm not averse to shameless self promotion. Please come like me!! It will make me so very happy!!

9. I want and iPad still, really bad so I can download this app. Then I can read laying down without the pesky page turning problem! And I can play scrabble too!

10. For parents with kids in the Clark County School District, if you haven't discovered Parentlink yet, ask your kids teacher, you can keep up to date with your kids grades instead of being surprised when progress repot cards come home!

That wraps up my 10 on Tuesday Interwebs version, have a good night and get off the computer and go snuggle something that breathes!! kthanksbye!


Janae said...

by the way~ afraid to voice that ipad need out loud because I don't think my hubby wants to hear it;)

Janae said...

loved the Nie Nie video. Such an amazing lady she is! I also am loving your cool Bonnie picture:)
I need an IPad also...just afraid to voice that aloud though;)